Captains’ Corner

Sophie Vick , asst. sports editor

The Oracle Sports Editors would like to introduce the following three spring sports captains. Here is a quick Q&A to learn more about these Titan athletes. 

Jack Whetstone 

Men’s Track

What is your favorite part of track?

“Probably hanging out with the guys,” Whetstone said. “There’s 120 guys on the team, and you get to know everyone of them; […] it’s just cool to get to know some new people and get closer with old friends.”

How has being a captain impacted your season?

“When you’re a captain you have to realize that  people are watching you and looking up to you and that just affects the way I act on and off the track,” Whetstone said.

Maddie Lee 


What advice would you give to GBS athletes?

“Your team is everything,” Lee said. “You have to [make a] good connection and friendship with your teammates.”

Do you have any pre-game rituals?

“We have a chant we do with the entire team,” Lee said.

Nic Cavallaro 

Men’s Volleyball

What are your goals for the season?

“To win Sectionals and make all conference,” Cavallaro said.

What has been your favorite game of the season and why? 

“My favorite game was Evanston because we played well as a team, and [the game] was an all around good team win,” Cavallaro said.