Titan of the Month

Hannah Mason, co editor-in-cheif

The Oracle’s monthly Q & A with an athlete that was nominated by the Sports editors and voted on by South students. 

Senior captain Jazzia Ubied finished her fourth year of varsity track on a high note, according to Ubied.

What is your favorite part of track?


“Track meets. They are always fun and [I] get to spend quality time with the team and [we] bond and cheer for each other.”


What advice would you give to other GBS



“Even [though] sports can get hard with school work and other things going on in your life, sports can actually be a stress reliever and can help you relax and enjoy yourself.”


What are your goals for this season?


“My goals were to place well in both indoor and outdoor conference. Both goals were accomplished and I am happy with my senior year of track.”


What has been your favorite memory from this season so far?


“Geting kicked out of New Trier at conference because apparently at New Trier they don’t allow people from other schools to be inside [the school].”


What are your plans for track after high school?


“I’m not going to continue running at the competitive level in college but I will probably join an intramural team.”


Do you have any pre-meet rituals?


“[I] eat a lot of pasta, listen to pump up music before a race [and] drink a lot of water.”