Junior commits to Loyola Chicago for Division I soccer

John Adkisson, co-Sports Editor

On Oct. 20, junior Adrian Remeniuk committed to play Division I soccer at Loyola University Chicago.

Remeniuk decided to be a Rambler because of a close relationship with Stan Anderson, Loyola’s coach and one of Remeniuk’s mentors.

“For the past five years I have been attending Anderson’s Camp shutout, and at the time, he was recruiting me for Marquette,” Remeniuk said. “Then he moved to Loyola and convinced me to do a visit. Then I fell in love with the school.”

Remeniuk has been playing soccer since the age of four and currently plays at Sockers FC in Palatine.

Remeniuk plays on the Academy team at Sockers, an elite year-round program that does not allow Remeniuk to play soccer at South. However, Remeniuk, who played soccer at South as a freshman but then decided to move to Academy, feels playing Academy soccer was the best way to prepare him to play Division I soccer.

“I believe that playing academy was the best way to prepare me for college,” Remeniuk said. “It’s competitive, and it also exposes you to more college coaches, who attend most of our games.”

Along with Loyola, Remeniuk was considering playing soccer at University of Wisconsin, Marquette University, Northwestern University, Akron and Northern Illinois University. In the end, Remeniuk decided that he had the most to offer to the new-look Ramblers.

“Loyola has struggled in the past and I am hoping myself and the next two recruiting classes can change the culture [and] help us be relevant in the NCAA Tournament,” Remeniuk said.

Although Remeniuk is only a junior, he feels that the positives of committing early outweigh the negatives, and is confident Loyola will remain the best choice for him. Remeniuk is also looking forward to his senior year, where he will not need to worry about college.

“My only decision change would be if there is a coach that I was not comfortable with,” Remeniuk said. “I decided to commit as a junior because I knew where I wanted to go to school, received a good offer, now I don’t have as much pressure and I can enjoy my senior year.”

Loyola amassed a record of 5-12-2 during the 2012 season. Brandon Eitz, former head coach, was then fired on Nov. 12. Eitz led the Ramblers to a record of 61-71-22 over his eight years at Loyola. Anderson took over the job after six years at Marquette, where he led the Golden Eagles to a Big East title in 2011.