Pass the torch: leaving a legacy


Shot with OldRoll INS P.

Max Beitzel, asst. features editor

When we reflect on our high school experiences in the years that follow, what will we remember? When my children ask what high school was like, what will I say? 

I might tell them about my favorite classes, some teachers that stood out to me, the work I did for the school newspaper, and the friends I made along the way. Although these memories matter to me, the most important question is: how will I be remembered?

 I might never see the people that I share classes with and the friends I spend time with again after high school. Many of the relationships that I have built with those around me will fade away with time. But, something that won’t fade is the impact that I’ve left on those around me in the school that I have spent the past four years in.

I’ve left a lasting impact on South through my involvement in Album Club. 

I joined Album Club when it was first created at South last year by 2022 alumni Maya Mladenovic, Greg Neppl, and Danny Quirk. Each meeting, we share opinions on music of all genres with others who are just as passionate about music. When members share opinions during meetings, we put judgment aside as they explain their personal thoughts about a certain album. Album Club has shown me how to appreciate new music with an open mind, and has exposed me to perspectives and music I would have never found on my own.

I have learned so much from my time talking with friends that I have made on the early Friday mornings. My experience in Album Club has allowed me to reconcile my differing music taste with that of my friends. We all are able to enjoy different music and still be the best of friends. Finding similarities in songs that we enjoy makes the experience of screaming the lyrics in the car that much more fun. 

Realizing that, although others may judge, standing up for what I truly enjoy is much more important.

Continuing the legacy of this club is important to me because without Album Club, I might not have discovered the music and the important lessons I’ve learned. As the year is coming to an end, I now have the opportunity to pass the torch to another three members that will continue the legacy of Album Club. 

When reflecting on high school, everybody thinks of something. While most people might not think of Album Club first when they think of high school, it will always be what I value most.

The ability to be part of something bigger than myself is something that I urge all students to achieve, even if it’s something as small as Album Club. 

Pass the torch.