Good job

Students improve behavior from last year but can do better


The Editorial Board

The shift from last school year to now has not been an easy one, Principal Dr. Barbara Georges acknowledged. The behavior of students in the halls, concerns for safety, and the overall cleanliness of the building were all issues that Georges felt have been a part of this acknowledgement through new rules instated over the summer of 2022.

Changes such as keeping food in cafeteria and new methods to keep track of students during class time were all added to address these issues, Georges explained. Because these changes have had a direct impact on the students, Georges commends the student body for the progress they have made throughout this transition.

“[Students] are doing a good job representing the values of being curious, respectful, inclusive and proud [through their] actions in class, and during extracurriculars,” Georges said. “I want them to keep up the efforts and the good work.”

The Oracle Editorial Board extends this commendation, but also believes that there is more to be done in respecting school property and everyone in the building to create a school and legacy we are proud of. 

A person who was not expecting all these changes is freshman Alex Arey, who had some idea of how South would look for her first year from her older sister. This idea changed when she came into school with the new rules instated over the summer before their freshman year. Her sister had told them about freedoms outside the classroom, such as walking the halls and being able to eat lunch anywhere. She was disappointed to not be able to experience these things. 

“[I accepted] that this [was] how [school was] going to be, but this also wasn’t what my friends told me it was going to be [like],” Arey said.

As a senior, Drew Duffy, Student Body President, has become accustomed to various changes at South throughout the years. He acknowledged that even though students might feel frustrated with these changes, significant improvements in the attitudes and culture of the student body are apparent when compared to previous years. He encourages students to reflect on what can be further improved.

“Constantly reflect on what we can all [do] better in the classroom, at home, at practice, [and] at [sports] games,” Duffy said. “[By] reflecting and improving, I think we all [can create a] great school culture.”

Present students have acknowledged and are aware of the changes in the building within the past few years, but there are also former students who can attest to changes on a broader scale, including AnnMarie Hardin, Executive Assistant to the Principal and 2000 graduate.

During her time as a student at South, Hardin felt connecting with her peers, even if it was simply during passing periods, had a lasting impact on her. The lack of these connections being made at South today is one disparity from her experience.

“I have strong memories of connecting with people in the hallways, and I don’t see that happening very often in [passing periods] now,” Hardin said. “It’s hard to [make interpersonal connections] when you’ve always got an earbud in and you’re always looking at your screen.” 

Making these connections is what made high school a positive experience for Hardin, and she believes students should become more open in communicating with each other. Her own story exemplifies this as she was able to connect with a peer 20 years after they had graduated. This former acquaintance, an only slightly familiar person in Hardin’s life, approached Hardin at their class reunion, where they instantly reconnected. 

“I don’t know that she and I would have had that kind of interaction 20 years later if in class and in-between classes we hadn’t been aware of each other’s existence,” Hardin said.

Improving as students, especially with a new focus on Titan values, has been the main goal for this school year, and the rules are an extension of this, Georges explained.

[This year we are] defining who we are as an organization and as Titans,” Georges said. “By defining our Titan values, each stakeholder in the organization knows what is expected of them and helps everyone in the organization, whether it’s a student or staff member, [to work] towards the same ideals.”