I Have Mixed Feelings about the Security Changes at South


Rishi Lulla, staff writer

When I first found out about the new rules at South, I was both surprised and confused.

That was probably the typical reaction from most students when they found out about the changes South made this year – in what the administration said was an attempt to increase safety and create a more positive environment. South has recently rolled out a new mantra called “Respectful, Curious, Inclusive, and Proud: We Are Titans” in an attempt to promote school unity following the Covid-19 pandemic.

To be honest, I have mixed feelings about the new policies. As a Pep Club leader and Peer Group leader, I love the idea of promoting school unity and spirit, especially following a time that was particularly tough for many of South’s students. Now, as South returns to normal, it is important to remind our fellow students that they are Titans and that they belong here just as much as any other.

I feel like there is a renewed sense of pride in being a Titan. More people show up to sports games than ever, and the Fall Sports Assembly was the most enthusiastic I’ve seen since before the pandemic. And, the renewed focus on social-emotional health and being respectful has helped the school feel like a more positive environment.

However, some of the new measures that the school has implemented are problematic because while the administration claims these measures help students, what they really do is show a lack of trust and respect for the student body. The administration clearly doesn’t trust students to be where they’re supposed to be in the hallways. After all, they’re constantly asking for explanations as to who we are and why we’re there.

So, clearly there’s a mixed bag when it comes to the new policies that South has implemented. The initiatives to increase student spirit are positive – but the new rules don’t actually address the root problem – the respect (or lack thereof) that the students and school have for each other. 

Hopefully, the administration will remember that the priority is to bring students into the fold – not to alienate them.