It’s almost spring break, so try to create a new experience


Mackenzie Bill, columnist

Although it may seem like we’re stuck in the spiral of cold and dreary winter, spring break is only 15 days away. You may have plans of traveling to exotic places or having a rejuvenating staycation. The idea of having an entire week off school is extremely appealing to students and teachers. Being able to get a nice tan or hang out with friends is a common goal for the break, but going through new experiences is also important.

The repetitive hustle and bustle of the school week can be exhausting. Wake up, go to school, do homework, go to bed, and repeat is a wearisome schedule engraved into our everyday life. Spring break creates a positive disruption to that dull schedule and presents many opportunities.

One spring break, my family and I traveled to Mexico. I promised myself that on that trip I would try something new and push myself. My family had signed up for ziplining through a tropical forest. I had never gone ziplining so high up or even through a forest. I didn’t have a fear of heights, but I was hesitant to let go and embrace the experience.

Once we had climbed up to our starting spot and it was my turn to jump off, I could see the breathtaking view of the tropical forest. When I jumped off the platform and looked around me, I was able to embrace the experience and enjoy the view. This adventure was the most memorable because I pushed myself and tried something new.

Whether you’re traveling or not, spring break is a time for new adventures. If you’re staying at home, exploring new restaurants or shops around the community can be enjoyable. Or exploring a nature trail can open your eyes to the presence of nature around you. There are many different places around the community that have yet to be discovered.

A way to push yourself over spring break is to reach out to a friend or family member that you haven’t talked to in a while. A simple text or phone call can go a long way. Also, taking the time to talk to others can build and strengthen relationships. Reaching out to others is a way to learn more about those around you.

If you’re traveling somewhere over the break, new encounters with other communities can broaden your perspective of the world. Trying new food, meeting new people, or trying a new activity can be a new way to explore.

Embracing the moment is something that I have struggled with in the past, but I hope to do this upcoming spring break. Cherishing the moments that I spend with family and friends during this week will be something I hope to remember. 

Going on new adventures and experiences during spring break can widen one’s perspective on life. By doing this, I hope you embrace the moment and appreciate the time you spend with those around you. 

I’d like to leave you with a haiku that I hope might resonate with you. I wrote it in fifth grade about the joys of spring break. 

“Spring break is starting. 

Birds are chirping everywhere. 

Run around, have fun!”

Exploring and being a part of new experiences are some things that make spring break a time to push yourself. Remember to do something new, go on different adventures, and have fun!