Oracle After Hours: How to Get Rid of Those Winter Blues


Sophia Pinc, columnist

Winter has come back to Chicago, and it seems to be here longer than we all wanted. It is that time of year where the days are shorter, the weather is colder, and all those fresh tans from winter break have faded.

It is that time where the only thing anyone wants to do is curl up in bed and go back to sleep- not wake up at the crack of dawn to get through another long day of school. 

Even the thought of spring break is still too far away to really be a source of motivation

In past winters, I would often find myself waking up around 30 minutes before school started, throwing on a random sweatshirt, and hurrying off to school, only to find myself struggling to keep my eyes open during the first block because my brain was still trying to wake up. 

So, for this year’s new year resolution, I decided to try a few different things to get myself out of the usual cold weather funk and give myself a much-needed boost of energy and motivation. It has been highly beneficial for my mental health, as well as my physical health, so here are a few tips I have learned firsthand on how to get out of those winter blues and brighten up your day a bit more. 

First, clean up. You know that saying, ¨a clean room is a clean mind?¨ Well, turns out, it is true. Clearing up the clutter in my room and desk makes me feel much more productive and motivated to actually work and accomplish more. By having a clean workspace, it was much easier to push myself to do homework and other tasks. Though it is not always the most fun pastime, trust me- you will feel a lot more productive afterwards. Don’t forget to make sure you have a good playlist to get you in the mood. 

Second, create different little projects to keep yourself busy. For me, I decided to change up my bedroom, and with the help of my family, we were able to repaint and decorate my room in roughly two weeks. It was fun picking out new wall colors, furniture, and cute desk decorations to add flair to my room. It was something for me to look forward to, and doing this project got me off my phone, out of my bed, and forced me to do something productive. 

Last, I suggest setting small daily goals for yourself that can help improve your all-around daily routines.

For example, I have started bringing a water bottle to school every day, so that I can consume a sufficient amount of water.

Another possible goal is going on a run, doing some yoga, hitting the gym, or some other daily physical activity that you enjoy. 

Keeping a homework agenda can also be beneficial, as it organizes all the work that needs to be done, and visually seeing the amount of work crossed out can help stress levels decrease and feelings of productivity skyrocket.  

By reaching these little goals every day, it helped me feel like I was able to accomplish a lot, and I did not feel as lazy and unproductive. It can be hard to stay motivated during the dead of winter, but these few little changes can help you feel more energized and inspired to get out of your warm bed on a cold morning and get things done. Now with that said, get off your screen, and go do something!