Extracurriculars reduce stress among GBS students

Illustration by Patsy Carolan

Illustration by Patsy Carolan

Mackenzie Bill, columnist

The warmth of the summer sun is still on your skin as you are thrown into this whirlwind called school. The indescribable feeling of being stuck inside for seven hours a day claws at your stomach. As the school year has begun, students have gotten comfortable in their new school routines, however, with the amount of academic stress and anxiety, unwanted habits have inevitably started to emerge. From Snapchat to Netflix, the opportunities to stay inside and procrastinate are endless. Although we are presented with opportunities to fall into this unmotivated lifestyle such as these, a simple solution to this seemingly unmanageable stress is to socialize face-to-face or to go outside and perform some physical activity. Thankfully, from Gardening Club to Paddle Club to Paradox, there is a social outlet for every person at GBS.

A regret that I have from freshman year is not immersing myself into more social events and clubs because I was afraid of being the “new kid”. I was petrified by the mere idea of not recognizing anyone in the club. It’s time to extinguish that social fear and push yourself. Trust me, you won’t regret it! Little did I know, joining activities at GBS would be a way for me to lower my academic stress and anxiety. My message to students of all grades is to put down your phone, take a break from homework, and go join a club or activity here at GBS. When joining clubs at South, there are numerous opportunities to meet new people. Bring a friend if you’re nervous.

If you’re in Generation Z, getting rid of bad habits like spending hours on your phone may seem close to impossible. I promise you one thing- meeting new people and trying a new activity you’d never see yourself doing will be worth it in the end.

Maintaining good grades can be a catalyst for stress and anxiety in students. Because of how competitive GBS is academically, there is a huge pressure to do well and get into a prestigious college. Going to clubs or social activities can reduce these stress levels and give you a fun break from the worries of school.

A time where I challenged myself with social and academic activities was when I became an Opinions Columnist for The Oracle. I was worried I would struggle to balance out honors classes, clubs and writing for the school newspaper. I decided to push myself and take a risk. By joining The Oracle, I’ve met so many new people, all of whom I never would’ve gotten the chance to familiarize myself with had I not joined this extracurricular. Writing for The Oracle has brought out a passion for writing I never knew I had. I’ve been able to connect with new people, and I hope to make friendships and explore my love for writing more as the school year continues.

High school has its ups and downs, and in the midst of all the homework and upcoming tests, we often forget that GBS is meant to be more than just academics and grades. I encourage you to show your interests and creativity and to challenge yourself. GBS is filled with amazing opportunities to build relationships and express your passions. Now, go on, get out there!