T.V shows bring people together, relieve everyday stress

Dea Sulejmani, asst. news editor

I never binge-watched T.V. shows. I would go through an episode here and there, until one day when my 13 year-old self browsed Netflix and ended up on The Office. I had overheard bits of the show’s bizarre humor through my older siblings that persuaded me to watch it. Little did I know, however, that after this episode I had watched, it would greatly strengthen my relationships with my family and friends.

When stress from school and sports escalate, T.V. shows have the power of placing its viewers in another environment. This new environment tends to alleviate stress from all aspects of reality. As fondness for these programs grow amongst people, they tend to share it with their family and friends, thus creating closer bonds.

Many individuals tend to shift their attention towards the negative aspects of T.V. As sitting and watching hours of television is unproductive, people fail to see that T.V. shows have the ability of transporting one’s mind into another world. In this new world, life is both stimulating and fascinating.

When one is attached to a show, they start sharing their favorite moments with their loved ones. For me, as I giggled during episodes of The Office, I found myself constantly bringing it up to friends and family. As they began to watch, we gradually developed small, inside jokes that correlated back to the program; fast forward and you can unquestionably find me, my family and friends passionately discussing our favorite moments of each episode.

Once Pam Beesley (Jenna Fischer) and Jim Halpert’s (John Krasinski) relationship further developed in the show, my love for the show skyrocketed so much that I finished season one in a blink. I ha a guilty history of not finishing shows such as Grey’s Anatomy and Gilmore Girls, so, I was shocked. I was captured by the diverse personalities, and so were my family and friends.

A few months ago, a friend of mine told me she decided to give watching The Office a chance after hearing me talk about it for so long. Now, you can find both of us reminiscing about our favorite episodes and moments, something I thought we would never bond over because she enjoys shows like Law and Order SVU.

Sophomore Emma Langas’ siblings have influenced her to watch The Office. While she didn’t enjoy it at first, she’s now a big fan of the show, which has brought her closer to her friends in return.

“I felt like the show really brought me and my friends together,” Langas said. “… I could always go back to The Office and make a joke about it … It’s a good gate to open other conversations and it got me close to my friends.”

The Office can cause viewers to both burst out in laughter or shed a few tears. Through how well actors’ performances are executed, people are captivated by this show. This does not just pertain solely to The Office, as many feel the same about other programs as well.

T.V. shows are sanctuaries away from society. Don’t be a couch potato by any means, but don’t feel guilty if you take a small portion of your day to escape the chaos in your life, because everyone deals with it. Before you know it, that sanctuary will improve your relationships in the end, as for me, the constant laughter my family, friends and I always experienced through watching The Office became the norm.

The Office exploits many emotions that created promise and closer relationships with my family and friends. So, what show has that powerful effect on you?