Music in halls improves school’s positivity

Julia Patterson, asst. opinions editor

Imagine: you’re leaving your hardest class feeling defeated. You look around the halls, eyeing similarly sluggish students stomping around. All of a sudden, “Wannabe” by the Spice Girls comes blasting over the PA system and you’re hit with the undeniable urge to break out your best unseen dance moves. Seconds later, you and your classmates are  in a full fledged dance party.

Okay, maybe it wouldn’t be this extraordinary. But don’t deny that hearing some of your favorite (and guilty pleasure) songs come over the PA system once in awhile would brighten your days.

During this year’s Homecoming week, various songs played throughout the passing periods coinciding with the Spirit Day themes. According to Josh Koo, Student Activities Director, this effort was a great success, as he noted seeing students singing in the hallways rather than walking with their heads buried into their phones.

Based on the positive benefits from the PA passing-period music, why shouldn’t this be a regular occurance, perhaps even every Friday? I know I’d like to see a more Thriller-esque scene in the hallway than the type of zombies we have drudging from class to class right now.

Music could wake us up out of the monotony of our blue and gold day schedules and force us into enjoying what’s around us. Singing, laughing and maybe doing a little bit of dancing during the passing periods could restore some of the joy we tend to lose in 90 minute blocks.

Music is also known to reduce stress hormones and consequently brighten moods. Considering the diversity of our staff and organizations, who could help select the Friday playlists, you’d be destined to hear something you like. 

Despite all the fun and good spirit this idea would bring, students are against this mood-enhancing-mundane-defying addition to our school culture.

This is understandable: people might be taking a test during a passing period or need a little peace and quiet inbetween classes and Academy students would have random bursts of music during their lectures. Or, there’s the chance you may just flat-out not enjoy the song choices.

But if those kinds of things scare you, maybe you just need some perspective. If you’re finishing a test in the middle of a passing period or you’re stressed out every single Friday, it sounds to me like the music is not the issue there. And be honest Academy students, is having music interrupt an hour-and- a -half long class really that much of a loss? (Sorry teachers!)

I know how easy it is to fall into complaining regularly and pitying yourself for whatever struggles you think you’ve been punished with. These tendencies become so bad that even something fun the school wants to do for us can be seen as annoying and disruptive by the students!

We’re too old to complain this much, and school can be fun if you’re willing to accept the change. So, let’s let Koo and Mrs. Alpert to play some funky jams in the SAO and let loose.