Second semester creates false hope of care-free lifestyle


Graphic by Rachel Nwia

Jonathan Lee, Co-Opinions Editor

Ah, the phrase, “second semester senior” seems quite amazing. We’ve all heard from past seniors how great life is during the semester and how it feels almost as amazing as getting a text back from your life long crush. A time where nothing matters. Having the ability to do whatever you want. You wait so long to finally reach this level of amazingness and then you get there and…you realize: it sucks.

As a current second semester senior, I question what all the past seniors were on when they told me the “amazingness” of being a second semester senior. Personally, I feel like it’s the most stressful semester I have ever endured. Like freshman year was tough with the whole transition from middle school. Sophomore year was getting into more difficult curriculums and don’t get me started on AP Euro. And then there was junior year which was just awful in general.

So now I’m here. Wishing that it was everything that past seniors had described it would be like, but it really isn’t. Here are some of the things they told me. “You literally have to do no homework.” “I literally go to bed before 9 o’clock even after binge-watching Grey’s Anatomy.” “Everything is so much easier.” “No stress whatsoever.”

All of these examples are false. Number one, homework is still necessary. Homework is the only thing that is making my grade seem like I actually know how to read or solve nine plus ten (it equals 21 by the way).

I have no idea what they meant by “not having to do homework” because if I don’t do my homework, it’s over for me. And I don’t wanna be the only kid that doesn’t read, then in class when the teacher asks me how I felt about the chapter, then I say “Atticus is a great dad to Scout” and the teacher says, “We’re currently reading The Great Gatsby.”  I’m going to feel like utter crap.

Secondly, bahaha “going to bed before 9 o’clock.” This one has to be a lie. If I were able to do all my homework and watch the necessary amount of Shameless to function, all before 9 o’clock, I would have to inhale 14 red bulls… each hour. My body is not even able to sleep near that time. I would probably just lay on my bed for three hours before my body would be able to go to bed and have enough time for the glue to dry to shut my eyes.

Thirdly, we have “everything is so much easier.” This one might actually be the only one I agree with… only if they were referring to it being easier to constantly cry (just kidding, big girls don’t cry). It’s easier to find myself in constant fear of the next day or easier to wake up and immediately try to think of an excuse to ditch school, etc.

And lastly, “no stress whatsoever.” What a load of kaka de toro. There is constant stress about school, things that I have to do in school, having to even think about going to school, and even being in school. Sure, I guess if you’ve already committed to college then you’re not trying… sike I have plenty of friends (just kidding not really) who have committed and still stress about mini reading quizzes on To Kill a Mockingbird–I mean The Great Gatsby.

So if you’re banking on senior year–and specifically second semester of senior year–to be a breeze, don’t. I’m not trying to scare you, I’m just trying to get rid of false hopes you may have. Just enjoy whatever semester of whatever year you’re in because I promise you, nothing is worse than this.