Middy Mags is worth a try

Anne Marie Yurik, co-editor-in-chief

Although some people find frisbees of cheese, sauce, crust and optional toppings (aka pizza) the epitome of party food, I cannot say that I love it–I find pizza mediocre at best. I am not a big pizza fan, so when I ventured out on a perilous quest for food and decided to try Middy Mags, I was pleasantly surprised.

But before I was able to fully enjoy my pizza, I had to mess something up, in pure Anne Marie fashion. “Personal” pizza sounds like pizza for one, perfectly paired with a sad Valentine’s Day spent alone with Netflix. However, it is so much more than that. It is 10 slices of awesome that will totally upgrade your expectations of getting a personal pizza of four slices.

The overall vibes of the restaurant, although not adding any flavor, were pretty chill and welcoming. I mean, who does not feel at home in a restaurant, because home is where the food is.

The cozy restaurant has modern decor mixed with rich colors that matched any stereotypical pizza place, but I had no strong sentiments one way or the other. It neither added nor detracted from my overall experience. That is not to say that I have ever liked food more because the decor was on point.

Pre-surprise surplus of six pieces on my personal pizza, I was sitting at one of the glossy red tables and chairs. I was taking in the environment at Middy Mags, which I thought felt tucked away and homey.

I will have to admit that my opinion of the environment and pizza should be taken with a grain of salt. My perception of the environment consisted of what my friend and I made it, as we were the only two there at the time.

Therefore, there was not much environment in terms of other people that I can comment on. And my pizza got the love and attention it deserved, so it was obviously made much better than when Middy Mags could potentially be swamped with customers.

That being said, my pizza was pretty darn good. I am not your typical teenager where parents simply default to pizza whenever friends come over because that’s teenager food. I am usually pretty picky. That’s not to say I never, ever eat pizza; I do eat pizza because the rest of my siblings are/were typical teenagers. I just tolerate pizza and am essentially indifferent to the wonders others claim it capable of.

The pizza I was served was cheese and pepperoni on thin crust. I did not know what I was going to get beforehand, but let’s be honest, anyone who goes to a pizza place and gets salad is not the kind of person I resonate with.

As for my pizza and pricing, the prices were decent. The thin crust pizza seemed more reasonable (price wise) than some of their other more specialized items.

However, the portion I got was enough for two, and it was a perfectly balanced blend of cheese, crust, sauce and pepperoni. I am not a huge crust person, and with this pizza, the crust was only the vehicle, and the cheese and pepperoni stole the show while the sauce helped glue it all together.

This pizza was good enough that I actually enjoyed eating it and having a midday slice of fun. So if you are a pizza fanatic or someone pretty bland like me who feels no type of way about pizza, you can still go there and have some yum-worthy food.