Chronic procrastination intensifies numerous responsibilities, proves detrimental


Sasha Vassilyeva


Jonathan Lee, co opinions editor


Eh, I really don’t want to wake up. I slept for four hours, and I have to finish the rest of my homework. Alright, time to get…


Really!? 5:30, OK, now I can’t go out to eat during lunch. I really have to get up now and finish my homework. Let me just find the light switch…


OH MY GOD! It’s already 7:20 and I have to go to school in 40 freaking minutes. And on top of that, I haven’t even started my homework. I knew watching Air Bud at 11:00 was not a good idea. I literally shut my eyes for what felt like 10 seconds, and now it’s almost two hours later. I’m so screwed. Why God?! I’m so so so screwed…

“JOONHO (that’s my mom yelling my Korean name by the way) WAKE UP ALREADY YOU HAVE 20 MINUTES TO GET TO SCHOOL!”


Yes, this describes a regular morning for Jonathan Lee. I don’t have that cliché, beautiful morning where I wake up to the birds chirping and the mice putting my outfit together… wait, that’s Cinderella. Anyways, that’s beside the point.

You probably have a lot of questions right now. Why did you sleep for four hours? Why Air Bud? What is “F#*%”? All these questions have the same answer. Ready? *people slapping their thighs to create a drumroll* PROCRASTINATION! Except for Air Bud. The answer to that is just because it’s an amazing movie.

Everyone knows or has gone through this internal battle. Whether we like it or not, it’s inevitable… wait, nevermind I mean the opposite, evitable.

Although I really wish procrastination was inevitable, it’s true that I have every opportunity to not procrastinate. But what’s the fun in that? Am I right? NO, I am most definitely incorrect in every way, shape and form.

Every day is the same for me. I have a stressful morning of not being able to finish my homework, and then I go to class in hopes that I can finish it during class or lunch. Then I leave school to begin my homework that is due the next day.

Once I get home, I go to my desk, look at my assignment notebook and look at everything I have to do for homework. I number them in order of priority and then immediately get to work. Once I finish doing my homework, I treat myself to an episode of The American Bible Challenge. Then I brush my teeth and go to bed at nine o’clock so I can make sure to get at least ten hours of sleep.

You can probably tell that I’m kidding. That described my perfect life. That’s how I wish I acted once I got home; here is the reality.

Once I get home, I go to my desk, look through my phone for 30 minutes and look at everything I’ve missed on each social media account. Then, I realize that I’m hungry, so I proceed to go to the kitchen and choose what food I want to eat. I number food in order of my craving and then immediately get to work. Once I finish eating, I treat myself to a season of Extreme Couponing. Then I brush all the crumbs off my shirt and go to bed at two so I can make sure to get at least three hours of sleep.

Obviously, this is not a healthy lifestyle. As a senior, I regret doing this every day. Although people say seniors go through this because they only have to worry about colleges, I’ve been doing this since freshman year.

I really hope this has helped you to understand how bad procrastination is. At the end of the day, it’s not worth it. Whenever you have that question of doubt and ask yourself, “Is it worth it?” know that you’ll always have time to watch Netflix or play video games later. It’s important to understand your priorities, and once you are able to do that, I promise you that you will be successful in school.

Mom if you’re reading this, please don’t kill me.