Interact prepares for blood drive


Mariyam Aleem

Planning Members: Interact leader Vivian Wang gave club members an explanation of the blood drive during their morning meeting on March 1. Members also created posters advertising the drive.

Lynn Lee, Asma Ghomrawi, and Ellory Moran

The Interact Blood Drive on March 22 is an all-day event held in the Lyceum for both students and staff to sign up to- donate blood, Mark Gallagher, Math Teacher and Interact Club Sponsor, said.

The Blood Drive is a bi-annual Interact event to help offset the large deficit of blood in the country, Gallagher said. 

“Generally speaking, a donation of one unit [200 mL red blood] of blood can be split into three parts and you can save three different people,” Gallagher said.

Students who meet the physical requirements (5’6 and 110 lbs in males and 5 feet and at least 110 lbs in females) and are at least 16 years of age are allowed to donate blood at the drive for the company Vitilant, Gallagher said. Additionally, the company screens students to ensure their iron levels and blood pressure are in an acceptable range, he added.

“The professionals at Vitilant organize [the blood drive], so there is a weight requirement, age requirement, and permission slip for students to be signed by parents,” Gallagher said.

An important aspect of the drive is that high school students can give  back to their community in a safe and easy way as donating blood is more imporant than ever, Ruia said.

“There’s been a blood shortage for a while, [Interact] thinks it’s important to help out, and there are many people at [South] that may not have the ability to donate blood outside of school or don’t know how to.” Ruia said.

Interact had a blood drive in the first semester of this year issued on October 10, had 100 dontators during the first semester, Gallagher said. He hopes to fill every spot and reach 140 donations.

 “Second semester we’re hoping to fill every spot so we can save up to 140. We have to maintain specific numbers, and make sure everything is done safely” Gallager said.