Voter registration drive powers civic action


Hafsa Rahman, managing editor

Yesterday, GBS Young Democrats partnered with the League of Women Voters to host a school-wide voter registration drive, Tara Tate, Social Studies Teacher and GBS Young Democrats sponsor said. 

The purpose of this drive is to encourage those eligible at South to register to vote and increase an informed voting citizenry, Tate explained. 

If students are 18 by April. 4, the next election, they can stop by the registration table at State and  Madison during their lunch blocks and register online,” Tate said. “It is very simple – students need their drivers license or state ID and the last four digits of their Social Security number.

Marlene Lee, president of GBS Young Democrats, believes that the voter registration drive is a step in the right direction for increased civic engagement at  South. 

“I hope the voter registration drive will bring in new voters and also spread the importance of voting in smaller elections,” Lee said. “As important as [it is to] vote in big elections like the midterms, our school board election is maybe even more important as it will most directly impact our day-to-day life as students [at South]. Voting is a way for students to use their voice to speak up for changes that they want to see happen, so I urge all that are of [voting] age to vote.”