Student Council reenvisions spring events

Rishi Lulla and Hafsa Rahman

Spring at South is typically characterized by various events, including Spring Fling and prom. Despite Covid-19 restrictions, Student Council will still organize these events, Principal Dr. Lauren Fagel said.

Although there is no definitive plan for how Spring Fling will be held, senior Danny Hood, student body president, is optimistic that only minor adjustments will have to be made, as the event is typically held outdoors.

“Ideally, we can do the majority of things that Spring Fling has to offer,” Hood said.

Another event returning this spring is South’s celebration of the annual March Madness tournament. Last year, March Madness was canceled due to Covid-19 concerns by the NCAA, however, the tournament will resume again this year, as will South’s festivities honoring it.

“Student Council ties multiple activities to the specific games,” Hood said. “We host little events in the [Student Activities Center, for example] we host a bracket challenge, where the winner gets a free jersey.”

Senior experiences are being prioritized, Mark Maranto, assistant principal for student activities said, as he hopes to give students memorable experiences.

This year’s graduation will take a similar form to last year’s event, as Fagel states that Covid-19 restrictions will prevent students and families of the entire 2021 graduating class from coming together.

“We’re planning to have [graduation] here at South, typically graduations at the Rosemont theatre hold 5,000 people and we know that’s not going to be possible,” Fagel said. “It could be like last [year] with a drive type of thing. It could also be indoors where kids come [in to the building in] shifts.”

The Junior Class Board, which is responsible for organizing prom, is arranging a night that will include multiple stations that seniors can sign up for in time slots. Students will still be encouraged to formally dress, however, they will be required to wear a mask and socially distance, Fagel said.

“They are thinking of something where kids would come in shifts to the building and there [would be a] red carpet where you walk in,” Fagel said. “Then there would be stations [for example,] a selfie room, a DJ and a station where there’s a senior video playing.”

Senior Olivia DeMattia, student body vice president, said Winterfest will be replaced with an event similar to homecoming. While Hood expressed Student Council’s desire to host a homecoming, he understands the various issues that it may pose.

“It’s going to be extremely hard to get approval to do a homecoming similar to those in the past, just because homecoming’s a very social event,” Hood said.

Student Council is still hoping to tie homecoming with a football game or another sports game, Hood said. He said that Student Council is discussing the possibility of holding homecoming outdoors.

“We’re thinking [of holding the dance] later [in] spring when the weather is better,” Hood said. “Because of leveraging outdoor space, what we found is [that has] really helped us [have the] ability to [hold events].”

Senior Maggie Wills is excited that Student Council is working to put on events for students. She hopes that the modified events will provide a sense of normalcy for seniors.

“I feel like having some way to connect students would be a good way to culminate [the year],” Wills said. “[However] the safety and the health of all students is the main priority.”