Investing in your future


Bailey Baker, staff writer

Every other Wednesday morning in Room 1137, South students gather to talk about money and strategies for smart investing at Investments Club, junior member Dylan Monagan said. The world of stocks, investment strategies, and building for the future is the club’s forte, Monagan explained. 

Investment Club’s goal is to help students learn more about their finances and establish a sense of financial freedom, junior Jameson Nolan, President of Investment Club, explained. Smart investing allows students’ money to outpace inflation and increase in value, Monagan said.

“[Investments Club] provides opportunities for [financial knowledge],” Monagan said. “Even if you have not taken an investments strategies class or [are a part of] any other business clubs, everyone needs to know how to be financially literate.”

 Students who have a passion for investing took charge of the club, Brian Whalen, Business Teacher and Sponsor of Investments Club, said. Many students have become infatuated with smart spending and building knowledge of the stock market, and Investments Club provides the opportunities for those students to engage with this knowledge, Whalen said. 

“I love [that] especially the last couple years, we’ve had groups of students who have taken ownership of the club and have really directed it in a way that they see as best,” Whalen said. “They’ve taken charge of organizing meetings [and] the topics to discuss, and arranging for guest speakers to come in. It’s great to see students take ownership of something that they’re interested in.” 

Investments Club’s sense of community is a large aspect of the success of the club, Nolan said. The camaraderie displayed between peers during discussions encourages students to dial into learning about investments and the stock market, Nolan explained. The common affection for investing has allowed for tight-knit connections to be made, making the club experience more enjoyable for all involved, he emphasized. 

 “[What I like most about Investments Club is] the people there,” Nolan said. “Being a part of a community that [shares the same interest as me] is really nice.” 

It is necessary to know the probability of a company’s success and where it is heading to make well-informed investment decisions, Monagan explained. Investments Club provides students with knowledge to stet their money over time and improve their financial stability, Monagan said. Knowledge of investing provides opportunities for a stronger education, and Investments Club is a leeway to this knowledge, he explained.

“It is very important [for students] to know what they are doing with [their money],” Monagan said. “It is easy to make money working [and] then lose it all by making bad investment choices, so it’s important to know how to [evaluate] a company and see where their future is heading.”