Exploring history passions

Andrew Collaku and Sofia Cole

Every Thursday after school, History Club shares their unique interest in history through quirky presentations, senior Angelo Karadimas, Co-President of History Club, said.

History Club offers an opportunity for students to express themselves in a way that they typically cannot in academic history courses, Karadimas explained. 

“[History Club is] not your standard learning from a textbook,” Karadimas said. “This is a new way of learning history.”

In a typical history course, students follow a set curriculum, but in History Club, students enjoy exploring history topics like 1920s fashion, nuclear history, and the Mexican Revolution, Daniel Rhoades, History Club Sponsor, said.

“I can see genuine passion spilling out of [History Club students] in [their outstanding] presentations,” Rhoades said.

Rhoades believes History Club provides an environment that encourages respect to each individual’s interests.

“I think being open to learning from other people is one of the most important skills that anybody can have,” Rhoades said.

In addition to teaching a respect, History Club provides students with a casual environment to practice public speaking, Rhoades explained.

“You get public speaking preparation, learn how to organize a presentation, tell a story, and sell it to other people,” Rhoades said.

History Club is not only for students who are passionate about history, but also for those who are interested in being part of a community, Karadimas explained.

“A common misconception might be that you need [a full understanding of] history [to participate], but [History Club] really is a way for you to build on that [knowledge],” Karadimas said.

Senior Daniel Park, Co-President of History Club, joined the club not just because of the history, but also the environment. Park emphasized that History Club is an amazing experience for all students who desire a welcoming community and close friendships with those who share similar history passions. 

“We have a sense of connection with each other that most other clubs do not share,” Park said. “Other clubs have more of a sense of professionalism, whereas History Club is more informal and fun.”

Park explained that History Club encourages students to present to their peers, generally improving their communication and social skills, a skill Park believes is essential. History Club pushes students to get out of their comfort zone and present in front of a crowd of people, Park explained.

 “History Club really helps expand your horizons,” Park said. “[You learn] to strike up a conversation with people who you might not talk with [regularly],” Park said.