Cure club promotes cancer awareness

Veronica Kolesnikov and Maia Weissman

Deborah Stein, Cure Club Sponsor and Science Teacher, lost her mother to ovarian cancer 14 years ago, when a student working with the American Cancer Society reached out to start Cure Club to make a difference at South.

Cure Club promotes healthy behaviors that can prevent cancer, junior Alyssa Blomquist, Cure Club leader, explained.

“[Cure Club educates people on] knowing how to look for the signs [of cancer], so if  you do have it, you can catch it early,” Blomquist said.

The club is almost completely student-led and community driven, with the overarching goal for students to find a group within the club, Stein described.

“Community building [comes] first and foremost for me because that’s going to help us be the most successful,” Stein said. 

There is also a large student leadership component, with a great focus on developing leadership skills through the club without it being overwhelming to them, Stein explained. 

“My goal for the club is [to have students direct the] organizational piece of the club and everybody find their voice and direction,” Stein said.

Through a mixture of informative games and events, the club promotes awareness   for different types of cancer each month, sophomore Jade Roth, Cure Club leader, explained. Typically, the club collaborates with organizations such as the American Cancer Society, Roth added. 

On Dec. 10, 2022, the club worked with the Cancer Wellness Center, a local organization based in Northbrook that supports individuals and families facing cancer related        challenges, Stein said. The club assembled “chemo care packages”, funded by the club itself.

There were two variations for these packages, one targeted towards adults and the other for kids, Stein explained. The adult package included mint tea, fuzzy socks, puzzle books, lip balm, hand lotion, and a handmade card, while the childrens package included the game Uno, lip balm, fidgets, coloring packs, kinetic sand, and a handmade card.

“We ordered things that somebody who’s going through chemo would like, and then we assembled them, made cards, and brought them over to the cancer center,” Stein said.

Cure Club strives to help those within the cancer community feel loved and supported while creating a tight-knit community for students, Stein described. 

“[Cure Club’s goal is to spread] advocacy, education, and fundraising for cancer related individuals and organizations,” Stein said.