“100 Titans Dijeron” improves Spanish skills


Vera Vassilyeva, staff writer

Spanish Teacher Matt Johlie’s Spanish 563 students organized “100 Titans Dijeron”, an activity similar to the TV game show Family Feud,  for the underclassmen Spanish students to participate in at the Lyceum, Johlie explained. 

Although this game is a carbon copy of Family Feud, the official game that the Spanish classes are copying is called, “100 Mexicanos Dijeron.” The concept is the same – there are two teams answering trivia and general knowledge questions, Johlie said. 

Students that are competing in the game are either freshmen, sophomores, or juniors, Johlie said.

 The questions that are asked will be different based on each participant’s level in Spanish class, Johlie said. It is important to have leveled questions for different grades because the entire game is played only in Spanish, he added.

“I think the kids that come in and play are really proud that they can play and surprised they’re able to play the entire game from start to finish in Spanish,” Johlie said.

Much like Family Feud, Spanish 563 students created a Google Form survey that was sent out to all of the participants, senior Chris Anderson said. Once completed, Spanish students compiled all the answers and put the top five answers on the board to display during the game, he added. 

“[The survey questions were] school-based, family-based, and pop culture type questions,” Anderson said.