TV & Film students on a roll

Sofia Oyarzún, co-images editor

The TV & Film program at South consists of students with a passion in mind, and a camera in hand. From sport assembly promotions shown to the whole school, to smaller in-class projects, the students involved gain new perspectives through film.

An event produced by the TV team was the spring sports assembly montage, which involved a production that took time, Julie Benca, Advanced TV and Film teacher, explained. The production process involves planning, filming, and editing, all which require work not necessarily shown on camera, Benca said.

“I usually have [students] go and film a game and a practice or two, just so they have enough footage for their piece,” Benca said. “It’s quite a bit of time that goes into just one 45-second piece.”

Sophomore Ariana Tomasek, a first-year TV student, decided to join the program because she had prior experience with film through her acting in front of the camera.

“I grew up around [film], because my dad is a director, so I got to even be in some small roles of his short films,” Tomasek explained. “I thought [the class] would be a really cool thing for me to try.”

Tomasek said that her experiences in the program changed her perspective about how films are made and she was able to see the full process.

“[A commercial project promoting Nike ] was the first [behind the scenes] role that I had in class, so that was pretty fun,” Tomasek said. “I always loved being in front of the camera. I love being behind the camera because of that project.”

Junior Hank Leahy, Advanced TV and Film student, has learned not only from his own experience, but from doing work with his peers.

“I feel like [production is] a lot about teamwork, and appreciating everyone else’s creativity,” Leahy said. “Having open eyes, and a wide view of what can be done in terms of storytelling [is important]. [The program] has helped me hone in on visual storytelling and different techniques to convey certain messages.”

Students are able to build on each other through each others’ influence, such as station manager senior Noah Collins own experience.

“I’ve grown as a leader, and it’s just great to see all these new kids coming in who are the same as you were two years ago, and being able to inspire them,” Collins said. “It’s just a great group of people.”