Beat boredom at Board game club

Layla Mohamed, staff writer

Experiences that broaden horizons, a unique variety of games, and an overall fun environment are just a few of the welcoming characteristics of the board game club here at South, shared member Sophomore Evan Borys.

The club is relaxed and easy going, senior Joshua Charet, club president, said. A typical meeting consists of members forming groups to play games that they all collectively enjoy. This year, the club has mostly played Coup and Warhammer, games that involve strategizing to defeat enemies. Despite this, Charet added that throughout the year, a wide variety of games are played. 

“Occasionally, there’s other kinds of games that get picked along the way,” Charet explained. “Sometimes we play Betrayal House on the Hill. There’s [also] a game called Pandemic that gets picked up. Sometimes people will pick up different games and [form] different groups [and the] groups will shift.”

Board game club is welcoming for all types of players, and game sessions are always full of laughter, smiles, and the discovery of new board game favorites, Borys said.

“My personal favorite [game] is probably Coup,” Borys said. “I guess for a lot of people, it’s a very large group game. It has a lot of like strategies [like] lying, and trying to deceive other players. Since a lot of people like it, [it is] one thing that really holds the club together.”                                    

Throughout e-learning, the club adapted and continued meeting on a website called The Board Game Arena that offers hundreds of game selections to choose from, Charet said.

“When we were online, [Board Game Arena was] basically the one tool we use to play all of our board games online,” Charet explained. “We had  a school premium account, and we played all sorts of board games. We all got together, and then we would  host a game [that] we would all play.” 

Board game club creates treasured memories for the members, and everyone looks forward to the meetings. It creates a community for the members in and out of school, junior Olivia Podyma added. 

“[The club is] so much more than just board games,” Podyma added. “You get to meet new friends, and get to broaden your horizons and [see] what games there are. I think it’s really cool how there’s not just Monopoly and Sorry, it’s a bunch of games that you would have never heard of before. I think that’s what makes the club so exciting.”