South presidents share leadership experience

Lauren Frias, staff writer

The Oracle highlights four club presidents whose talents and contributions are as diverse as the clubs at South.

Cure Club

Brittany Balzano

Senior Brittany Balzano, president of Cure Club, a club that supports cancer awareness and prevention, has been president since her junior year.

“It’s very challenging to sometimes stand out of the group. [The members] are my peers, and there is a borderline that every president needs to be aware of. You walk the line of being bossy and nobody wants to be like that. I’ve learned so much from being president, and it has helped me become a better leader. […] There are days when it is hard, but every president has to [overcome] them at [some] point.”

Key Club

Ellen Hirsch

Senior Ellen Hirsch is the co-president of Key Club, a club that participates in charity events around Glenview.

“My co-president, [senior] Jen Butz, and I usually speak at most meetings and events. Lots of people come and ask us questions about the specifics. At the beginning of the year, it was a lot more of a responsibility because we had to worry about recruiting new club members and training new board members, [but] now we get a lot of help from the Key Club board, who all take on some important responsibilities and make the job easier.”


Grace Pittner

Co-president since junior year, senior Grace Pittner helps lead Student-to-Student with activities and events that support students  in remaining  drug and alcohol-free.

“I became a part of the leader board my sophomore year, and […] I applied to be a leader the following year. One of the sponsors asked me during my interview if I would consider being president. I really wanted the opportunity, and […] I became president my junior year.”


Korri  Hershenhouse

Senior Korri Hershenhouse, president of Interact, which contributes to charity events including Habitat for Humanity, helps to engage members and future leaders in activities for the club.

“A big role I have [as president] is planning events and making contact with the outside organizations that we have to work with and keeping up those relationships so […] that future presidents and future leader boards will have an easier time organizing events with that same organization. Also, [I have to] motivate the students to become active in the club, […] to stay engaged and to be motivated to do their best.”