Lasky directs final dance show, encapsulates theme of flight

Ava Mazzei, staff reporter

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There is something mysterious about the way she moves. The dancer slightly parts her lips and inhales. She pops her hip and sways with the rhythm as the wind swirls through her hair and rustles her eyelashes. She exhales and leaps, feeling a slight stretch in her thighs. Her head is in the clouds; she is flying. Dance groups Poms, Latino Heat, De La Cru and Orchesis embodied the theme of flight at this year’s Dance Show on Dec. 9th.  

Bonnie Lasky, director of the annual Dance Show, approached her thirteenth and final year at South. Throughout her time here, she related her experiences back to the theme.

“We’re flying, we’re soaring, we take it to the heights,” Lasky said.

Senior Poms captain Bailey Burke interprets the theme of flight as a touching dedication to their former choreographer, Paula Hess, who recently passed away from breast cancer.

“Flight means that we can take our dance and soar ahead to make an impact on other people,” Burke said.

While Burke tells of the meaningful impact Hess made on her, she continues to relate that positivity to Lasky. Burke says she has not only worked with Lasky during Dance Show, but during the school musical in prior years, and helped foster her passion for performing.

“Mrs. Lasky loves dance and helping [students] follow their dreams and become passionate and successful dancers,” Burke said.

Reflecting back on her many years of dance, Angelica Jimenez, junior Latino Heat leader, mentions how much dance means to her. According to Jimenez, she has been dancing since she was just a baby. Jimenez explained that when she was younger, she was stuffed in a puffy dress and bounced around to celebrate Cinco de Mayo.

“[…] I thought [dance]  was a nice way of sharing what I love with others,” Jimenez said.

Alana Swearingen, senior De La Cru captain, is used to dance shows. In fact, she remembers saving one when she was a tot.

“There was a soloist and the girl forgot it and so of course I jumped in and did it and took over,” Swearingen said.

She then explained how her involvement in De La Cru has shaped her experience at South.

“De La Cru has always been something I’ve been able to come back to and that I’ll always love,” Swearingen said.

Swearingin added that she will miss South, but especially the annual Dance Show and working with Lasky.

“The cool thing is [Mrs. Lasky] makes this whole thing seem super professional […] so it’s really awesome to work with someone like her,” Swearingen said.

Like Swearingen, junior Orchesis captain Alexandra Anderson has found guidance in Lasky’s presence. Anderson says that she is endlessly inspired by Lasky’s drive to dance; it reminds her of her own love for the art.

“She enforces how important it is to keep dancing,” Anderson said.

Lasky gets her drive from within; she says that dance is a feeling. Her world moves her and she finds a way to express that through her dances. That’s what truly inspires each of GBS’ dance teams.

Each team captain shared one word to depict Lasky. Burke described Lasky as “devoted”, Jimenez said “determined”, Swearingen said “professional”, and lastly, Anderson said “passionate”.

Since it is Lasky’s last year with GBS, she wanted to share some special words.

“My time at Glenbrook South has been more than special,” Lasky said. “It’s a great place to be.”

Overall, Lasky describes these last few months here as bittersweet. According to Lasky, Andrea Cain, assistant dance show director, will not only be taking over Dance Show, but Orchesis as well next year. Cain expresses that she will be losing her mentor for the past three years, but is ready to take the reins.

“Our goal is to put on the best show that we can put on,” Lasky said.

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