Oracle After Hours: The Dos and Don’ts of E-Learning

Mackenzie Bill, columnist

I have picked up some tips I would like to share about successes and failures during this year’s e-learning experience. By recognizing some positive and negative experiences that I have had during e-learning, I’ve become a more self-aware student. Here is what I hope is a helpful list of my personal e-learning Dos and Don’ts. 

Do sit at a desk

This is arguably one of the most important aspects to success in e-learning. I sit at a desk so then I can recreate the in-school environment. If I am sitting on a sofa or on my bed, I feel tired and not as motivated.

Don’t stress

Obviously, we are going to feel a little stressed during e-learning due to new challenges, but it’s crucial to remember that everyone is going through similar things. We are all in this together. Take time to have a break and de-stress. 

Do make a Google Doc with all of your class Zoom links

I created a Google Doc like this at the beginning of the school year to access my classes easily, and it has been a life saver. Instead of frantically searching for the class Zoom link on Google Classroom, I just head over to the Google Docs. 

Don’t procrastinate

Pushing work until the last minute can stress you out. Plan out when you’re going to do your assignments so then you are stress free.

Do make sure you are muted when necessary

If you are not supposed to be talking, you should have your microphone off. I have witnessed numerous embarrassing experiences from my classmates after they did not mute their mics. 

Don’t wake up one minute before class

A couple of my friends have been doing this and more than once they have been marked tardy. Give yourself enough time to get dressed, eat breakfast and get yourself ready for the day. 

Do the homework even if it is not getting checked

E-learning makes it tempting to blow off school work because teachers might not be checking it. Self-motivation during this time is essential.

Don’t stay inside

If you can, spend some time outside. For my PE class, we were given the assignment to go on a walk around the neighborhood. When I was going on the walk, I was able to clear my mind and refocus better when it was time for my next class. 

Do utilize your SRT

If you have an SRT, this can be a block to scroll through the internet mindlessly, or get your homework done. Having a free block is a great opportunity to get your homework done or study for a test.

Don’t Cheat

Quizzes and tests during e-learning require the honors code. Instead of cheating, actually learn the material you’re being tested on. It’ll be worth it in the end. 

Do use the passing period to take a break

Passing period is the time to transition from one class to the next. It is hard for me to stop what I am working on, but standing up and grabbing a snack is a way to preserve energy during the school day. 

Don’t be afraid to ask for help

Your teachers are here to help you. Do not hesitate to reach out to them by staying after class or sending them an email. By asking for help, teachers are able to learn more about how comfortable the class is with the material they are teaching. 

Do join new clubs

This school year I have joined three new clubs and it has been something fun to look forward to after school. Clubs are a way to socialize with other people. Most South clubs post their meeting time and Google Classroom code on Instagram. It also just gives you something exciting to do!

Don’t watch TikTok during class

Yep, I know this Don’t concerns a lot of students. Being on your phone during class can hurt you later because you won’t understand the material. 

Do come to the Titan Learning Center

The TLC is a great place to get help from your peers or teachers. I’m a tutor at the TLC, and it has been rewarding helping other students with their work. 

Don’t have your camera off

Having your camera off can harm the interaction between you, your peers and your teacher.

Do drink water

Hydration is key! It is easy to forget to drink water during the school day. To avoid headaches, I try to drink half my body weight in ounces every day. 

Don’t isolate yourself

Social connection can be hard during e-learning. Facetime your friends and spend time with your family members. Everyone is feeling a little isolated during this time, so reaching out to others can help.

Do say thank you to your teacher at the end of class

Teachers put in so much effort to make our e-learning experience as similar as possible to in-person learning. Remember to thank them at the end of class, they really appreciate it. 

Don’t yell at your parents if the wifi goes down

This Don’t comes from personal experience. If your wifi stops working during class, your teacher will understand. Trust me, your parents want the wifi to work as much as you do. 

This concludes my list of Dos and Don’ts. These tips have definitely been helpful so far during my e-learning experience. Remember, everyone is going through similar struggles, and it’s important to know that we’re all in this together.