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Mental health awareness takes new initiatives

Grace Cepeda, staff reporter

October 16, 2014

Social worker David Hartman and School Psychologist Jen Korbar are working on a project to enhance student awareness on social and mental health issues here at South. For Hartman, this project is his way of reaching out to st...

Stryker receives recognition for performance in chemistry exam

Hannah Mason, co sports editor

October 16, 2014

While at debate camp this summer, junior Doug Stryker received a call from his parents saying that he had placed second out of 69 students in the 58th Annual Scholarship Examination in Chemistry. "I was actually pretty surprised...

Fandoms bring people together through interests

Lilly Ludwig, staff writer

May 29, 2014

What do Doctor Who, Harry Potter, and One Direction all have in common? According to sophomore Carolyn Levi, they share a widespread following made up of people connected by their common passion, also known as a fandom. “...

China proves to be an eye-opening experience to different cultures

Mollie Cramer, staff writer

May 27, 2014

The Great Wall was built for protection from those who were different; the Forbidden City walls were built for separation from the commoners. The walls we build in our heads can also be strong, made of the unbreakable silk of our ...

Students discuss hobby of ballroom dancing

Nick Panagakis, staff writer

March 13, 2014

One, two, three, four. One, two, three, four. Staying on time and on beat is crucial in all forms of dance, but falling off beat will ruin the whole routine in ballroom dancing. Although many people who aren’t familiar with...

Students express passion for modeling

Lilly Ludwig, staff writer

March 5, 2014

Most teenagers bus tables or babysit when they want to have some extra cash, but some South students have followed a path away from minimum wage to pursue a career in modeling. “The modeling business is a lot more complex than I ...

South students share experiences of parents working at South

Grace Maher, staff writer

March 4, 2014

Most students go to school in the morning leaving their family life behind. Once they enter school it's a completely different atmosphere full of friends and teachers. However, for some students these two different worlds coll...

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