The Oracle

King Charles III puts a fresh, modern spin on bard Shakespeare

Sasha Vassilyeva, co-opinions editor

December 16, 2016

An auditorium quiet enough to hear a pin drop, dimmed lights, a nearly bare stage with just a regal casket and the Union Jack hanging from the ceiling. Three men in military uniforms followed by two women wearing all black sta...

No ‘Troubled Times’ for Green Day’s new album

Sasha Vassilyeva, co-opinions editor

November 4, 2016

They always say that nothing can beat the original. This goes in terms of movies, T.V. series and music. With current events bringing new topics of discussion, controversies and trends, the thought of Green Day coming out with a ne...

Where do South students get their news?

Sasha Vassilyeva, asst. news editor

October 16, 2015

The Oracle stopped random South students in the hallway to ask about their current events knowledge.  After each was asked the same series of questions, here's what they said. Alison Krolopp (Sophomore) Do you read/watch ...

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Sasha Vassilyeva