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The Oracle

The news site of Glenbrook South High School.

The Oracle

The news site of Glenbrook South High School.

The Oracle

Problematic Production: Mourning his friend, Clay Jensen (Dylan Minnette) follows a journey in the form of cassette tapes that document the thirteen reasons Hannah Baker (Katherine Langford) took her life. Thirteen Reasons Why, originaly based on the novel by Jay Asher, recently aired its first season on Netflix on Mar. 31, 2017.

Thirteen Reasons Why disappoints, strays from novel

Sasha Vassilyeva, senior editor
May 26, 2017

We’re not even halfway through the year and 2017 has already brought forth a lot of disappointments: the Blackhawks’ unfortunate playoff defeat, the Unicorn Frappuccino and Netflix’s new series,...

Graphic by Rachel Nwia

District 225 analyzes outcomes of recent Powerschool study

District 225 is analyzing data and feedback following a study which restricted Powerschool access for students and parents during school hours. The experiment was conducted from April 3-28 and included...

Economic hardships should not impede college aspirations

Economic hardships should not impede college aspirations

Sasha Vassilyeva, co-opinions editor
April 21, 2017

There are a billion different things to consider when choosing a college to attend: quality of education, size, location, housing, campus, etc. For me, one of the most important aspects of the place I...

Rhythmic Resiliency:  Competing at her first national competition for rhythmic gymnastics at 11 years old, senior Sasha Vassilyeva does an elbow stand (left). Five years later, Vassilyeva performs at an international competition (right). Photos courtesy of Sasha Vassilyeva

Failure necessary to achieve future success

Sasha Vassilyeva, co-opinions editor
March 17, 2017

No one ever starts something thinking that they will fail. Even the slightest doubts are clouded by high hopes for an eventual successful future. But as soon as the ball starts to drop, people tend to...

EXPANDING   UNDERSTANDING:  Standing at the front of his classroom, AP Government teacher David Kane lectures his class on the dayís lesson. The Social Studies Department decided not to extend the course to two full semesters for the next year.

Ap Government postpones full year course

Anne Marie Yurik and Sasha Vassilyeva
February 10, 2017

After much discussion, the Social Studies Department decided to table the decision to make Advanced Placement (AP) U.S. Government and Politics a full-year course. According to Jeannie Logan, Social...

King Charles III puts a fresh, modern spin on bard Shakespeare

Sasha Vassilyeva, co-opinions editor
December 16, 2016

An auditorium quiet enough to hear a pin drop, dimmed lights, a nearly bare stage with just a regal casket and the Union Jack hanging from the ceiling. Three men in military uniforms followed by two women...

No ‘Troubled Times’ for Green Day’s new album

Sasha Vassilyeva, co-opinions editor
November 4, 2016

They always say that nothing can beat the original. This goes in terms of movies, T.V. series and music. With current events bringing new topics of discussion, controversies and trends, the thought of...

A Moon Shaped Pool  astounds listeners, holds up to past successes

A Moon Shaped Pool astounds listeners, holds up to past successes

Sasha Vassilyeva, co-opinions editor
May 27, 2016

For nearly five years, Radiohead has stayed on hiatus with no singles or albums released since 2011 and virtually no activity since the King of Limbs tour in 2012. However, their ninth studio album, A...

SERVICE WITH SHELLARD: Speaking to a class of Sophomore Honors English students, Dr. Jim Shellard, assistant principal of student activities, emphasizes the importance of serving others. Shellardís remarks set forth the celebration of the service research projects.

South incorporates collaborative work in classes

Katie Cavender & Nick Moran and Sasha Vassilyeva
May 27, 2016

This year, many teachers and programs throughout the school have been pushing toward a more collaborative work model for writing assignments. Several teachers in the English Department have decided...

FAGEL ‘N FRIENDS: Having a discussion with Lara Cummings, assistant principal for student services, Principal Lauren Fagel spreads awareness for gender inclusivity at a Gender in Schools committee meeting. The committeeís event on April 12 was the first of many that the committee hopes will foster a welcoming environment for all gender identities.

Committee works toward gender inclusivity

Sasha Vassilyeva, asst. news editor
April 22, 2016

The recently-created Gender in Schools Committee had its first event to educate staff on gender identity on April 12. According to Principal Lauren Fagel, the creator of the committee, it is made up...

Illustration by Jini John

Common Core poses opportunity for math curriculum refinement

Sasha Vassilyeva, asst. news editor
November 6, 2015

South’s Math Department is looking to make curricular changes following the shift to the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) program, according to math teacher Elizabeth Bushek. Illinois accepted CCSS...

Where do South students get their news?

Sasha Vassilyeva, asst. news editor
October 16, 2015

The Oracle stopped random South students in the hallway to ask about their current events knowledge.  After each was asked the same series of questions, here's what they said. Alison Krolopp (Sophomore) Do...

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