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ANGIE THROUGH THE AGES: Posing for a photo at GBS, rising senior Angie Morris shows her signature smile, one that many at school were accustomed to seeing, according to Ken Smith, Special Education teacher. According to Katie Mason, Morris’s sister, she was the youngest of six children in their family.

Remembering Angie Morris

October 6, 2017

South honors custodian Cliff Williams’ memory

Grace Shin, co editor-in-chief

October 6, 2017

Custodian Cliff Williams passed away on Sept. 9 in his sleep. Williams, commonly known as Cliffy, worked at South for 15 years in the Maintenance Department. The school held a memorial in his honor on Sept. 15 in the Lyceum, invit...

Students violate Dean’s Office policy through email chain

Grace Shin, co-news editor

December 16, 2016

GBS staff and students received a chain of emails that contained links violating school policy on Nov. 28, resulting in a disruption in the school day, Dean Ronald Bean says. According to Principal Lauren Fagel, three students sent out a s...

Departments reflect on freshman appeals tests

Grace Shin, asst. news editor

March 11, 2016

As incoming GBS freshman students register for classes, administrators and teachers are reflecting on the process of appeals exams. Instructional supervisors of the English, World Languages and Math Departments state that the ap...

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