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Apps become more popular with smartphones

Caroline Berg, staff writer

October 14, 2013

With smartphones becoming more prevalent, South students can pick and choose from a variety of apps for their cell phones. A common application that students use revolves around social media. According to an Oracle-con...

Students recall imaginary friends, investigate reasons behind psychological phenomenon

Caroline Berg, staff writer

June 5, 2013

Friends serve as a big role in peoples’ lives, but for some people, a friend is just a figment of their imagination. Psychology teacher Peter Masciopinto believes people have imaginary friends for self-expression. “I...

Celiac disease impacts South students daily

Caroline Berg, staff reporter

May 10, 2013

Bread, pasta, cookies; all foods that are apart of many peoples diets. But students like seniors Mara Pollard and Katherine Loiselle can’t eat foods containing gluten, wheat, rye, and barley due to a disease known as Celiacs Disease,...

Students listen to music in hallways, explain reasons

Caroline Berg, staff writer

January 10, 2013

South students are often seen walking through the hallways listening to music. Although passing periods are just five minutes long, students claim that listening to music often pumps them up while walking down the hallway. Accord...

Teens with divorced parents work to balance life and school

Caroline Berg, Staff Reporter

November 9, 2012

Balancing homework and activities is a struggle for many. What complicates matters more for some South students, however, is having to switch between houses throughout the week and being distracted in class due to their parents’...

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