Vanderpump Rules: newest reality TV addiction sure to please

Bailey Rose, co-opinions editor

Beautiful people, love, sex, deceit, betrayal, money and without a doubt, drama. These are the things that instantly draw me to any reality TV show. Whether I stick around is always up in the air. But I am confident in saying that no show (think Laguna Beach) has come close to containing all of the above for a very long time, or maybe ever. That was until Vanderpump Rules premiered a little over a month ago on Bravo.

I’ll admit I was hesitant to write a review about a reality TV show. But let’s face it: reality TV has become a dominating aspect of pop culture. When it’s done right, it’s an addiction you gladly welcome and become fairly invested in.

Vanderpump Rules is a spinoff of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, which I also love, but if you aren’t a fan, don’t stop reading. Lisa Vanderpump, a fabulously wealthy British housewife on the show, owns two restaurants in Los Angeles. Villa Blanca is where “you take your wife,” and Sur is where “you take your mistress.”

Sur is located in West Hollywood and was just begging to be the center stage for a reality TV show. The staff members are young, attractive, aspiring actors and models, as is common in Los Angeles. And they are all pretty much living together, dating each other, having sex with each other, hating each other or experiencing some combination of those things.

The producers hit a jackpot with this one. I can only see the show growing in popularity and blowing up as some less-deserving ones have done in the past (I’m looking at you, Lauren Conrad). Not only am I fairly confident in saying Vanderpump Rules is unscripted, as is detectable by one who is familiar with reality TV (there are none of those awkward one liners MTV is famous for), but it also doesn’t need to be.

The cast is full of such dynamic, impulsive and reckless young people that there is no need to fabricate any drama.

Lisa Vanderpump runs Sur and often describes herself as a “glorified babysitter” for her often immature and dramatic staff.

Stassi is the lead female cast member. If you’re a girl, you probably don’t like her and she most likely does not like you. If you’re a guy, you most likely want her. If you’re her boyfriend, you most likely wish you knew how to not want her. She is beautiful, blunt, confrontational, spoiled and could be mistaken for a witch with a “b,” but I was not so easily turned off to her as some others might have been.

She is incredibly entertaining but not to a point where I was led to believe she’s crazy, which she’s been called on and off the show. I admire her tell-it-like-it-is attitude.

Jax is an actor, model and bartender at Sur, and nine years older than Stassi, making him 32. He faces the classic “Peter Pan Syndrome” that many Los Angeles men face. He refuses to grow up.

Stassi and Jax have been dating for two years and the couple could best be described as a hot mess. They passionately love and then hate each other. A great deal of drama on the show surrounds their tumultuous relationship, one that is easy to become invested in even as a viewer (but maybe that’s just me).

Scheana is new at Sur, and Stassi does everything in her power to make her feel unwelcome. Dubbing her the “home-wrecking whore,” Stassi acknowledges the fact that Scheana was one of actor Eddie Cibrian’s mistresses before he finally left his wife and Real Housewife, Brandi Glanville, for famous singer Leann Rimes. Resembling a dark haired, bug-eyed version of Britney Spears, she is nice enough, but I found her to be on the trashy side.

The remaining prominent cast members are Stassi’s two identical minions, Katie and Kristen, who are dating Jax’s best friends, Tom and other Tom, all of whom are actor/models trying to make it. They only fuel the drama on the show…Kristen could use some dental work…Tom shaves his forehead. For now, that’s all that is really worth discussing.

If it wasn’t obvious enough before, I love this show, in a bad way. I am hooked. And it is definitely not just for girls, either. Reality TV has that potentially addictive quality for anybody. It presents a rare opportunity to follow someone else’s dramatic life and experience a storyline that is more or less (more, in this case) real. These people are some of the most entertaining people on television right now.

Vanderpump Rules capitalizes on a beautiful restaurant in a beautiful place in a big way. I just hope the future episodes are as strong as the first few. If you haven’t started watching, you should start now.