Project Earth seeks to increase education about environment, global warming

Katie Wiberg, staff reporter

The environment is an important aspect of life, and South students have started to show an increasing concern for the world they live in. Whether it be through clubs or on their own, students are making an effort to fix the small environmental problems, which makes a huge overall impact.

Project Earth is a club in which South students come together to discuss events they can do in the community that will help improve the environmentTheir main goal is to help students and local families gain knowledge and awareness of the world’s status. Club sponsor James Glynn believes that the main concern with the earth’s problems is people’s lack of awareness.

“I would say the thing that I’m concerned with […] is people’s correct knowledge about those issues,” Glynn said. “I try to think about what do people really understand about the issues involved […]”.

Junior Jordan Chiappetta, who has been a part of Project Earth since freshman year, believes that becoming involved with the club is something that young people can do to contribute to helping the environment. She feels very strongly about the environment and the way it is treated. Chiappetta believes it is just like taking care of yourself.

“The environment has so much influence over you,” Chiappetta said. “Why not take care of it?”

Senior Erik Tomasic, who is also a member of Project Earth, regards the major issues of the environment as a result of people’s unawareness of the problem. According to Tomasic, changes are occurring in the world that people need to be aware of, like global warming and animal extinction.

“One of the major things I would say is that people just aren’t aware of the fact that there is a huge problem with the environment,” Tomasic said.

Project Earth takes all of these issues into consideration as they plan out events for the year. During meetings, members discuss events that contribute to helping the environment.

“[Meetings are] mostly just short organizational sorts of things about the next project or the next activity,” Glynn said.

The club focuses more on local necessities. The activities they plan revolve around helping our community.

“In Project Earth we go twice a year to the north branch of the Chicago River, […] and we pick up trash around the river,” Tomasic said.

Senior Ashley Batra, a member of Project Earth, believes that if the environment is properly cared for, it can have a positive effect on everyone.

“We want to show that by maintaining our environment with its natural beauty,” Batra said. “It creates a pleasant and tranquil atmosphere that everyone can enjoy.”

Chiappetta has faith that anyone can become involved with helping the environment. She believes that participation in the community is key to making a difference. According to Chiappetta, there are small actions that everyone can do.

“Little things like not buying single use products, and cutting back will pay off in the long run,” Chiappetta said. “Being environmentally friendly is not a fad, it’s something that requires constant effort.”

Glynn firmly believes that the key for improvement in the environment is acquiring knowledge about the current situations.

“I think a lot of it is just education and information,” Glynn said. “Part of it is me giving them the knowledge to take the next step and exposing them to opportunities.”