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South’s harassment policy puts student safety first

Noor Abdulmassih, asst. web editor

March 22, 2012

A wave hello in the hall, extra help in a department office before school or perhaps an email regarding a test are common interactions between teachers and students. A respectful relationship exists between teachers and students...

Arko reflects on early years as refugee

Elisa Kim, staff reporter

March 22, 2012

At the end of World War II, Slovenia was taken over by communist forces. Fleeing from the communist take-over, many Slovenians became refugees and left Slovenia to find better shelter. According to, refugees are...

Students incorporate, embrace religion into lifestyle

Elisa Kim and Grace Abiera, staff reporters

March 22, 2012

Sophomore Huma Nizamuddin and her family are Muslim, and she has been involved with Sunday school since she was young. “I started Sunday school in fifth grade,” Nizamuddin said. “In third grade I was in a private school....

Students express personality through piercings

Noor Abdulmassih, asst. web editor

March 22, 2012

Walking in the hallways, one can spot many different forms of self-expression, ranging from the clothes students wear to the body piercings they have. Ear lobes, cartilages, noses, lips, eyebrows, hips and belly buttons are some...

Pink passes often misleading to students, faculty

Nirali Dave, Editor-in-Chief

March 22, 2012

On any given school day, students can be found working on math problems, listening to lectures or participating in English discussions in their classes. Suddenly, the door opens, interrupting the teacher and an unfamiliar face...

Eddy Otgonmunkh: facing challenge beyond his years

Maggie Kramer, asst. web editor

February 29, 2012

Junior year is generally a time for ACT tests, college worries, school activities and being with friends. It is a hectic year and for most students, parents are nearby for support, but not for junior Eddy Otgonmunkh. Eddy lives...

Teens leave home to escape pain

Zoe Shancer, asst. features editor

February 3, 2012

After being denied that second cookie for dessert, a child stuffs his pillowcase with his favorite clothes and toys, swings it over his shoulder and heads for the door with a determined gaze. He makes it as far as the driveway...

Loved ones fight for our country

Kelsey Pogue, staff reporter

February 3, 2012

Senior CC Hoogland and her brother sophomore Sam Hoogland’s lives were altered when their oldest brother, McLain Hoogland, joined the Marines after college—a path none of their siblings have yet to take. “I have five...

Foreclosed homes impact students’ lives

Noor Abdulmassih, asst. web editor

February 3, 2012

Walking around the hallways of South, it may be hard to believe that some students’ families struggle financially. But, underneath the designer clothes and North Shore appearance, some students have had their homes foreclosed...

PDA sparks opinions in South population

Rachel Mann, Maddie Abrams, Natalie Sampson & Stephanie Leinbach, asst. features editors & co-features editors

February 3, 2012

Public Displays of Affection, also known as PDA, between couples has elicited reactions in the hallways of South. According to an Oracle-conducted survey of 114 students, 83 percent have felt uncomfortable by PDA in the past,...

Careful food consumption improves health

Madison O'Brien, staff reporter

February 3, 2012

Eating healthier, eating less, working out more, having goals and a positive mind set: guidelines like these may seem hard to follow, but some South students stick with similar requirements in order to follow their own personal...

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