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The news site of Glenbrook South High School.

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The news site of Glenbrook South High School.

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All content by Savera Zulfiqar
Illustration by Maeve Plunkett

Required electives limit student passions

Savera Zulfiqar, columnist
April 21, 2017

Journalistic Writing, Debate, Painting, AP Computer Science, Principles of Engineering, Creative Writing, Drama and Yearbook are a few of the many electives offered at South. For me, some electives are...

Illustration by Maeve Plunkett

Balancing TV series, deadlines proves effective, efficient

Savera Zulfiqar, columnist
March 17, 2017

Some might say it is impossible to have it all- to have all of your homework done, manage to be on track for the episodes of all of your TV shows and still manage to get a decent amount of sleep. But by...

Dismissing Drama: Tricking each other and betraying their friends, the characters of Mean Girls encompass all girl drama cliches. Movies like this, and others, show how bullying is misconstrued as an exclusively female problem.

Society wrongly dismisses bullying as solely female problem

Savera Zulfiqar, columnist
February 23, 2017

You are the Greek Titan Atlas. Besides the weight of the world on your shoulders, there’s also some guy there punching you repeatedly in the neck. You try and get this guy off your case, but you can’t...

“Cliques” masquerading as “Squads” remain limiting

Savera Zulfiqar, Columnist
January 23, 2017

From the silver screen media through Mean Girls to young adult novels like The Clique by Lisi Harrison, the social division of student school life has shifted away from the now frowned upon idea of “cliques,”...

Allergies pose inner struggle, provide learning opportunity

Savera Zulfiqar, columnist
December 1, 2016

I had been throwing up for about seven minutes in a shrub covered ditch that served as the side of a parking lot. It was an unusually cold and cloudy September day back in 2010. My mother asked, “Are...

RETIREMENT READY: Joining together to reminisce about their careers, South retiring faculty prepares to end the school year for one last time. These staff members have devoted countless years to helping students learn and grow. Featured from left to right: (top) Jerry Zabin, John Lewis, Todd Hansen, Peter Masciopinto, Terry Jozwik, Marty Sirvatka, (bottom) Janice Osowski, Ellen Eichler, Mary Vicars, Kay Sopocy, Dawn Fendt. Not featured: Fred Kocian, Carol May.

Retirement is now in session: South faculty say goodbye to GBS with lasting memories, relationships, legacies

Alexandra Sharp, Eliza Schloss, Brigid Murphy, Hannah Buchband, Anne Marie Yurik, Yoon Kim, Youjin Shon, Savera Zulfiqar, Kathy Yoo, Abby Grant, Aakash Bhojwani & John Park, and Kyle O'Shaughnessy & Maggie Eschenbach
May 24, 2016

Table of Contents: Terry Jozwik Todd Hansen Mary Vicars Fred Kocian Jerry Zabin Dawn Fendt Ellen Eichler John Lewis Pete Masciopinto Janice Osowski Marty Sirvatka Kay...

Room decoration reflects teachers, sparks student productivity

Savera Zulfiqar, staff reporter
April 19, 2016

Aside from teaching their respective subjects, teachers at South become interior designers for their classrooms. Often spending more time at South than they do at their homes, teachers utilize classroom...

South’s Chess Club fosters unique experiences, intellectual growth

Hannah Buchband and Savera Zulfiqar
March 1, 2016

For some South students, learning to play chess can be a new and challenging experience. South’s Chess Club is filled with those that are passionate about fostering this unique experience for all students...

CONCUSSION DISCUSSION: Lying face down on the basketball court during a game on Jan. 13, sophomore Lauren Meier struggles with a head inury, later diagnosed as a concussion. By the next school year, Illinois middle and high schools must fit concussion management to state standards, according to the Youth Sports Concussion Safety Act.

State requires new concussion regulations

February 5, 2016

Illinois middle and high schools will be required to adjust their concussion management to state standards, by the 2016-2017 school year, as mandated by the Youth Sports Concussion Safety Act. The act’s...

Social media unites, connects students

Savera Zulfiqar, Staff Writer
December 4, 2015

Social media is used by nearly everyone, adults and children alike. However, at South, it is used to connect students to events or other important information happening throughout the school. South is...

World Within Reach: Putin Bombs Syria

Savera Zulfiqar, staff reporter
November 20, 2015

On Sept. 30, Russian fighter planes, by permission from President Vladimir Putin, bombed Syria. Although he had managed to hit hotspots with ISIS members, Putin had also aimed to attack the U.S.-supported...

South students practice minority religions in Glenview, appreciate uniqueness

South students practice “minority” religions in Glenview, appreciate uniqueness

Savera Zulfiqar, staff reporter
May 20, 2015

Students at South believe in and practice a vast range of religions, spanning from the most common in the world to some of the most obscure. Those who don't adhere to the world's most popular religions experience...

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