Assassination Classroom delivers elaborate plot, action

Source: Hulu

Source: Hulu

Alissa Donatello, staff reporter

When discussing a television show that has a great plot and compelling characters, not many people expect an anime to be the source. People can underestimate the power of animation at times, but Assassination Classroom has the capability to convey its good plot and compelling characters.

Assassination Classroom did not originate as an anime. It was first a manga, starting back in July of 2012 and written by Yusei Matsui. The anime didn’t exist until three years later, when it first aired from January through June of 2015 in Japan.

While the title of Assassination Classroom may come off as dark, that is only partially right. At the beginning, all we are shown is a figure speeding through the sky only to arrive at an old building. The figure enters the classroom and puts down their attendance book. But instead of a normal human, we get what appears to be an alien. He is yellow, he has many tentacles and a permanent smile. Despite all odds, he is the teacher.

The premise of this anime is simple: Class 3-E of Kunugigaoka Junior High has been chosen by the government to kill their teacher, the alien which the class has named Korosensei. Through the help of Mr. Karasuma, a government agent sent to help train the class, other professional assassins, and even Korosensei himself, the class may be able to take out their teacher.

Now while the plot really follows the entire class of 3-E, the true main character from whose perspective we mainly see from is Nagisa, one of the students in the class. Through his thoughts and the thoughts of his fellow classmates, we see that there’s more to the students of Class 3-E than meets the eye.

Over the course of the anime, the class evolves both as assassins and as friends. They all want to evolve and become better assassins in order to take out Korosensei themselves. But when other assassins and prominent figures come along, will class 3-E be up to the task of taking down their teacher before anyone else?

Personally, I thought this anime was really good. The diversity of the characters’ personalities made the show really enjoyable, and the incredible voice acting only further enhances the show. The art style of the anime did get a little boring over time, but that’s not really a big problem in the long run.

In the end, Assassination Classroom was an enjoyable anime series. I would recommend it to people who like both action and a great plot. And who knows, maybe by the end this show will have changed you in a way.