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South’s Most Influential

Will Dunk, Eagle Scout

November 10, 2017

As of Oct. 11, the Boy Scouts of America made the decision to begin accepting girls into their program, causing controversy in the news and ensuing debate from people of all sorts of political beliefs. Arguments range from as...

Persevering through ACT develops work ethic

Grace Shin, co-editor-in-chief

November 10, 2017

If you know me, you probably know that basically my entire life has been devoted to completing the ACT. Sure, everyone’s life was at one point. But when I say my “life,” I mean several years, not just a few months. To g...

South’s foreign language opportunities valuable, rewarding

Leah Dunne, co- editor in chief

October 20, 2017

In a day and age when face-to-face communication can sometimes feel sparse and even obsolete, one may ask themselves ‘why is it necessary to learn how to communicate with others in language other than my own?’ Well, learni...

South’s Most Influential

Katie Kenner, Policy-Debate President

October 6, 2017

Before my sophomore year of high school, I viewed politics and community obligations as something intangible that wouldn’t affect me until some nebulous time in the future. But all of that changed once I began debating at G...

Identity threatened by antisemitism

Eliza Schloss, co-features editor

October 6, 2017

I have a firm stance on my Jew-ish identity. Though my ties to the religion aren’t very strong, I do commonly reflect on the past like many Jews do. During our study of WWII last year in my history class, I was remind...

Swift’s new image sends hypocritical message

Julia Patterson, asst. opinions editor

October 6, 2017

When I was in sixth grade, I wrote my very first five paragraph essay about Taylor Swift and how she overcame feeling bullied and isolated by girls growing up. Inspiring, really. All I can say for Taylor Swift now is that 13-ye...

Chance alters perception of fame

Aidan Graham, asst. features editor

October 6, 2017

Before you knew him, Chancellor Bennett was just another kid from West Chatham on Chicago’s notorious South Side: known for high rates of crime, gang violence and poverty. It is from this unlikely place that Chance the Rapper...

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