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The Oracle

The news site of Glenbrook South High School.

The Oracle

The news site of Glenbrook South High School.

The Oracle

Illustration by Scott Gonzales

Standing out as an introvert

Kate Arey, guest columnist
April 21, 2023

There is a perception in society that great leaders and role models are extroverted individuals who command attention and inspire others through their charisma and charm. However, this is a narrow, limiting...

Struggling as a teenage girl

Lily FitzGibbon, guest columnist
March 17, 2023

I wouldn’t wish being a teenage girl on my worst enemy.  On every app, there’s an influx of anti-aging creams, microtrends, and unachievable beauty standards. Natural becomes unnatural. Preying on...

The importance of getting involved

Colin Fox, Guest columnist
December 16, 2022

With 124 clubs, the opportunities South provides outside of class is impressive. Each club offers a safe space for students to stay and express their true selves, no matter their hobbies or beliefs. Even...

Avid Adventurer: Bryan Scheffler hikes through the Porcupine Mountains.

“We are abandoning the noble pursuit of seeking out genuine, natural experience”

Bryan Scheffler, Guest Columnist
June 3, 2021

It had been several days since we started trekking into the Porcupine Mountains. The unrelenting rain and crashing thunder made us weary. Every tired step in our water-logged boots, our heavy packs exacerbating...

Illustration by Hyun Park

America starts the New Year divided as ever

Stephen Rolfes, Guest columnist
February 12, 2021

The thread that binds America has been unraveling for the last several decades, with trust in national institutions crumbling and political, cultural and economic gaps reaching record levels. Earlier...

“Dwelling on problems in your life will not make you feel better.”

anonymous, guest columnist
June 12, 2020

According to The Chicago Tribune, “About 36% of respondents in Chicago’s metropolitan area reported that they felt ‘hopeless about the future’ at least once” as of April 30. When social distancing...

Spotlight on South: Marianela Luna-Torrado

Marianela Luna-Torrado, guest columnist
November 15, 2019

Over the past four years, I have lived in two different states: Arizona and Illinois. I grew up in Glenview, but I lived in Arizona for two-and-a- half-years before moving back home. Arizona was a surprising...

Spotlight on South

Aditya Bhalla, guest columnist
March 15, 2019

As a senior in his waning months of high school, I have much time to reflect over my past few years here at GBS, yet little time to accomplish the things I feel I need to do before I graduate. Only now,...

Spotlight on South

Robin Woitesek, guest columnist
February 8, 2019

Twelve inches. In my freshman year I cut off twelve inches of my hair and never in my life had a number meant so much. It’s amazing how changing one part of yourself makes the world look at you in a...

illustration by Yoon Kim

Immigration impacts national identity, outlook

Songhee Back, guest columnist
May 25, 2018

What factor determines one’s nationality? For most people, the answer is clear-cut and straightforward: it is simply the country that they are born in. On the other hand, there are people like me, and...

Guest Column ‘South’s Most Influential’- Julia Jakubiak

Julia Jakubiak, key club leader
February 9, 2018

Every high school student looks forward to the weekend—it’s a time to sleep in, get together with friends, or catch up on homework from last week’s procrastination. But instead of kicking back and...

South’s Most Influential

Will Dunk, Eagle Scout
November 10, 2017

As of Oct. 11, the Boy Scouts of America made the decision to begin accepting girls into their program, causing controversy in the news and ensuing debate from people of all sorts of political beliefs....

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