Paddle Club swings into winter


Erin Walker, staff writer

Members of Paddle Club focus on comradery and enjoyment while improving their paddle skills at meetings, Stephen Silca, Woodworking Teacher and Paddle Club Sponsor, said. 

Paddle tennis, otherwise known as platform tennis, is similar to tennis except players can hit the ball off walls and screens of the court, Silca explained. Paddle Club is a way for students to stay active because it practices weekly at Valley Lo Club from September to April, senior PJ Wilkins, Paddle Club Vice President, said.

“[Club members] should feel totally comfortable about going out and having fun because that’s what Paddle Club is all about,” Wilkins said. 

 Paddle Club brings together students from different backgrounds by requiring a new skill set, but that does not require a huge time commitment, senior Alex Rupprecht, Paddle Club member, said.

“You get to meet people that you wouldn’t otherwise have met, and you get to challenge yourself with a new sport and a new skill,” Rupprecht said.

Throughout their season, Paddle Club has been competing in matches against New Trier  Township High School and Loyola Academy to help players grow in the sport, Silca said. While the matches are usually much more competitive than practice, Silca noted that some of the most memorable moments from Paddle Club occur when someone celebrates making a great shot. 

“In this game, a lot of times you are complimenting your opponent as much as you’re complimenting your teammate on a really well struck shot, or on a really well placed shot,” Silca said.

Senior James Hiltebrand, Paddle Club member, explained that Paddle Club is great to join because of the fun environment and the ability to learn a new sport. 

“It’s tons of fun, and you don’t need any prior experience,” Hiltebrand said. “You do not need to come with anything other than some athletic clothes and a positive attitude.”