The news site of Glenbrook South High School.

The Oracle

The news site of Glenbrook South High School.

The Oracle

The news site of Glenbrook South High School.

The Oracle

Living in the moment promotes positive mindset, prevents regret

Zach Cepeda, columnist
April 20, 2017

“Man, I’ve always wanted to play a sport,” a South senior sighs as she walks away from the Winter Sports assembly. “I feel like that’d be a lot more fun than what I’m doing now.” A couple...

Photo illustration by Rachel Nwia

Seniors: reflect on last chances, better habits for second semester

Zach Cepeda, columnist
February 10, 2017

Wow. That was fast. Seven semesters ago, we were quiet, timid freshmen trying to navigate our way to math class. Now, we’re loud, outspoken seniors trying to navigate our way out of math class. Oh, how...

Pressure for extracurricular participation induces stress, takes away from personal passions

Zach Cepeda, columnist
January 23, 2017

After five painful hours spent filling out various college applications, a library-residing high school senior begins yet another “Extracurricular” section. His fingers tremble as he is once again...

Participating in STANDs Thursday meeting, Adna Mujovic listens to club sponsor Matthew Whipple. Mujovic attributes souths wide array of clubs as a potential career exploration opportunity for students.
Photo by Sean Dolan

Student involvement in club creates new knowledge, understanding of career paths

Zach Cepeda, staff reporter
April 28, 2016

For many students, the process of choosing a career path can often become more like jumping into a sea of the unknown. Through South’s variety of clubs, students are able to discover and clarify what...

FOSTERING FAMILY: Posing for a photo with his foster brother, senior James Catizone spends quality time with three-year-old AJ. Catizone and his family fostered AJ for five months during his sophomore year at South through a program called Safe Families. The program works to offer children temporary homes for a duration of time in which their parents are unable to care for them. Photos courtesy of James Catizone

Foster children find stability, form relationships

Zach Cepeda & Brigid Murphy, staff reporters
April 22, 2016

Every day, parents around the world make the difficult decision to give up the children they love in order for them to have a chance at stability and success. As a result, various GBS families have opened...

World crises highlight inequality in news coverage

Zach Cepeda, staff reporter
February 5, 2016

Americans across the country watched in awe last November 27 as news media reports covered the terrorist attacks that occurred in Paris, France. Generating an outpour of support, many Facebook users altered...

Foreign exchange program offers unique relationships, new cultural insights

Zach Cepeda, staff reporter
February 3, 2016

From the existence of drive thrus to saying “bless you” after someone sneezes, there are many aspects of everyday American culture that do not exist in other countries. Through South’s Foreign Exchange...

Tapping in time, Sholty drums with the rest of the jazz ensemble. Sholty performs in drumline, jazz band, and for IMEA.

Sholty serenades from drumstick to paintbrush

Zach Cepeda and Greyson Huck
December 2, 2015

Frantic. That’s the best word to describe senior Stephen Sholty, according Greg Wojcik, head band director. Whether it be detailing cartoons for his art profile or whaling on the drums, Sholty always...

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