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Student Summit for Human Rights finds common ground on social issues

January 12, 2018

Two boys in a romantic relationship hold hands down the hallways of South. Moments later, a group of students begin to shout slurs and walk between them to separate the couple. This, according to junior Kaleb Garden, was just o...

Old News: Vietnam War Teach-Ins

Maeve Plunkett, staff reporter

May 27, 2016

In April, South students from STAND for Peace held teach-ins, public information sessions, for all freshman history classes about topics ranging from freedom of speech to the contested genocide in Burma as well as the refugee...

South graduate meets hopeful student in Kenya

Georgia Arvanitis, co-news editor

October 3, 2014

Lauren Ingebrigtsen, 2014 graduate traveled to Kenya for a service trip with an organization called Matanya’s Hope July 7 to Aug. 28. Ingebrigtsen had been a member of South club STAND for Peace for all four years of high sch...

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