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South evaluates assessments, compares benefits

Kala Jablonski, Staff Writer

January 11, 2016

There are many different forms of teacher assessments present at South and other schools alike; however, if a student in the hallway is asked what their preferred format of assessments are, chances are they will say multiple choi...

Social media unites, connects students

Savera Zulfiqar, Staff Writer

December 4, 2015

Social media is used by nearly everyone, adults and children alike. However, at South, it is used to connect students to events or other important information happening throughout the school. South is encouraged to utilize social...

Fandoms bring people together through interests

Lilly Ludwig, staff writer

May 29, 2014

What do Doctor Who, Harry Potter, and One Direction all have in common? According to sophomore Carolyn Levi, they share a widespread following made up of people connected by their common passion, also known as a fandom. “...

China proves to be an eye-opening experience to different cultures

Mollie Cramer, staff writer

May 27, 2014

The Great Wall was built for protection from those who were different; the Forbidden City walls were built for separation from the commoners. The walls we build in our heads can also be strong, made of the unbreakable silk of our ...

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