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World crises highlight inequality in news coverage

Zach Cepeda, staff reporter

February 5, 2016

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Americans across the country watched in awe last November 27 as news media reports covered the terrorist attacks that occurred in Paris, France. Generating an outpour of support, many Facebook users altered their profile pictures...

South students showcase talent for modeling

Gabby Zabat, staff reporter

January 22, 2016

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Many Glenbrook South students have modeled for things such as runway shows and print advertisements that allow them to display their beauty, poses and style. According to senior Paola Santos de Soto, she first began modeling in t...

Chicagolandia Club promotes culture

Cassidy Foronda, staff reporter

December 9, 2015

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Uniform houses sit beside quiet streets with lawns well trimmed and children playing on the sidewalk: a picturesque suburbia situated only a short distance from its polar opposite. Soaring skyscrapers and busy roads, ...

Jordan Theriault sets the tone for the cross country team

Henry Schleizer and Matthew Peterson

November 21, 2015

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South students may dread running the mile in gym class, but for sophomore Jordan Theriault, varsity cross country runner, he feels differently. For Theriault, running for the cross country team is more than a hobby. “I was just kind ...

World Within Reach: Putin Bombs Syria

Savera Zulfiqar, staff reporter

November 20, 2015

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On Sept. 30, Russian fighter planes, by permission from President Vladimir Putin, bombed Syria. Although he had managed to hit hotspots with ISIS members, Putin had also aimed to attack the U.S.-supported Free Syrian Army. Putin explain...

Caffeine Captures South

Caffeine Captures South

November 19, 2015

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