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Sounds of the Summer: Country Thunder preview

Hannah Mason, co-editor-in-chief

May 29, 2015

This year Country Thunder will be taking place from July 23-26 in Twin Lakes, Wisconsin. Compared to other festivals, Country Thunder has a more relaxed and chill vibe. While there is a stage and sitting area, most people tend...

Sounds of the Summer: Warped Tour preview

Lauren Frias, co-editor-in-chief

May 29, 2015

For all enthusiastic alternative rock, indie, metal rock and even hip-hop fans, the Vans Warped Tour is a musical festival that can bring together a variety of music genres to a singular venue. This year, Warped is set to make...

Sounds of the Summer: Lollapalooza preview

Kali Croke, senior editor

May 29, 2015

The annual three-day music festival Lollapalooza will consume all of Chicago once more with music, food and out-of-state travellers July 31-Aug. 2 at its usual territory: Grant Park. While the lineup this year is heavily recycled,...

Selma honors history in gripping portrayal

Dani Tuchman, Co-opinions editor

February 6, 2015

There have been a fair share of biopics in the last decade, but there are few that truly manage to encapsulate the crux of an individual’s life accomplishments. Selma, an Oscar nominee for Best Picture, recently defined itself...

American Horror Story pushes limits of fear, social norms

Lauren Frias, Co-a&e editor

February 6, 2015

From haunting spirits to murderous clowns, a new popular anthology is making its viewers howl in fear. In its fourth installment, FX’s hit series American Horror Story: Freak Show is set in a dying freak show in 1952. Finally having...

Birdman toys with cognitive twists: Keaton’s character haunted by his past in comedy, drama

Danny Fookson, columnist

December 19, 2014

I left Birdman or (The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance) feeling like I had just witnessed my first poetry slam. An eccentric drum beat gave rhythm to the film as Michael Keaton, Ed Norton, Emma Stone, Zach Galifianakis and Naomi ...

Film immortalizes Stephen Hawking: romance, drama, life combined in biographical movie

Claire Fisher, co-opinions editor

December 19, 2014

Stephen Hawking is a physicist who has pioneered trailblazing theories explaining the nature of the universe. He is also an author who wrote multiple books detailing such theories. A husband and a father of three, Hawking has...

Magritte’s artwork intrigues and inspires

Elaine Sine, asst. a&e editor

October 3, 2014

“Ceci n’est pas une pipe.” For many who have read the best-selling novel “The Fault in Our Stars,” these were the words that introduced its many readers to the surrealist artist René Magritte. I myself was one of these...

Vampire Weekend’s new album retains original style, adds fresh vibe

Will Gould, music reviewer

May 24, 2013

Vampire Weekend has been making waves with their indie-pop sound since forming in 2006 after meeting at Columbia University in New York City. Their first two records, Vampire Weekend, released in 2008; and Contra, released in 2009,...

The Great Gatsby impresses on the big screen

Emma Sailer, co-opinions editor

May 24, 2013

The only thing more elaborate than the life of Jay Gatsby is Baz Luhrmann’s interpretation of it on the big screen. Earlier this month, The Great Gatsby, based on F. Scott Fitzgerald’s iconic 1925 novel, was released...

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