Sounds of the Summer: Warped Tour preview

Lauren Frias, co-editor-in-chief

For all enthusiastic alternative rock, indie, metal rock and even hip-hop fans, the Vans Warped Tour is a musical festival that can bring together a variety of music genres to a singular venue. This year, Warped is set to make a stop at Tinley Park on July 25. With this year’s promising setlist of over 100 bands, it’s hard to choose which sets to prioritize. These few bands on the tour, however, are certainly not ones to be missed.



Hailing from San Diego, California, progressive post-hardcore band, Pierce the Veil (PTV), plays along the dynamic of the majority of the bands of Warped as they make their fourth appearance at the musical festival.

Granted most of their preferred genre could be construed as hardcore rock, their stage presence presents itself to match the music they play. I personally prefer to stay outside of the rough mosh pit and enjoy the show from afar. Also, PTV will be one of the headliners for Warped, so there’s more of a chance that the mosh pit will feel more like a can of hot, sweaty sardines than a group of avid fans enjoying the music of their favorite band.

Without a doubt, PTV presents itself to be one of the highlights of Warped 2015. With a fiery stage dynamic paired alongside quality music, they’ll definitely pack the essence of Warped in their 30-minute show.



Representing the indie culture of Warped is Never Shout Never, a four-piece band originating from Joplin, Missouri. Having progressed from a mainly acoustic genre to a more alternative rock feel, the band will undoubtedly have a different set atmosphere since the last time I saw them back at Warped in 2010.

In terms of stage presence, headlining for Warped will contribute to their surely already large audience. Watching from a distance could be a preferable option for most, but their music won’t create a mosh pit as intense as others.

Speaking of music, the band released a new album, Recycled Youth Volume 1 back in March. The album features redone singles from past years, and I’m anticipating that by bringing back these oldies, there’s a chance that they’ll exhibit the new versions of the songs for the first time at Warped.



Creator of nerdcore hip-hop, Northern California rapper MC Lars will make a second appearance at Warped Tour to embody yet another musical genre on the tour. His catchy songs are sure to get stuck in your head (in a good way), and while you’re murmuring the lyrics to yourself throughout the day, know that you’re spouting some literature rhymes. MC Lars specializes in “lit-pop”, a term he coined meaning that his lyrics emphasize connections between literature, classical poetry and the cultural history of rap.

MC Lars, in spite of his engaging music, doesn’t have much of a fanbase in comparison to other bands on tour, so you’re sure to get close to front during his set. If you’re looking for a break from the serious rock atmosphere, be sure to check out MC Lars for an educational yet entertaining musical literature lesson.