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Following plane crash, Meyer continues to recover

Rachel Chmielinski, co-editor-in-chief

April 24, 2015

A two-person recreational plane is flying around Monee, IL on Sept. 7, 2014 with a pilot and Kristin Meyer, orchestra director for the Glenbrooks, in the passenger seat. As an activity at a family get together, Kristin is enjoying...

Embracing boredom stimulates creativity

Rachel Chmielinski, co-editor-in-chief

March 13, 2015

Waiting in line? Answer your texts. Arrive at the restaurant before your friend? Scroll through some old emails. Many of us often reach for our phones at the first sight of boredom, and our smartphones have completely filled that...

Music appreciation enhances listening experience

Rachel Chmielinski, Co-editor-in-chief

March 12, 2015

When was the last time you saw a live music show? If I happened to ask this question at exactly the right time and you went to a show yesterday, how many times a year do you typically go see live music? Through various app...

Waukegan ends union strike after four weeks

Rachel Chmielinksi, co-editor-in-chief

November 7, 2014

In the neighboring Waukegan school district 60, only a half hour away, approximately 17,000 students from Kindergarten to High School were out of school while the teachers were on strike. The strike began on Oct. 2 and ended...

Young the Giant sticks closely to old sounds on new album

Rachel Chmielinski, co-sports editor

February 7, 2014

Three years after their self-titled debut album, Young the Giant takes on a new sound. No longer do their songs have the same radio appeal as the songs “Cough Syrup” or “My Body” from their previous album. With the...

Community must support all South athletics

Rachel Chmielinski, co-sports editor

December 20, 2013

The first Friday I walked into Springman Middle School, the girl in my Language Arts class asked, “Are you going to the game?” “What game?” I replied. She stared at me for a second and then continued to give me a confused...

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