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Spoon falls flat with new album

Nick Moran, co-editor-in-chief

April 21, 2017

Underwhelming (adjective): failing to make an impact or impress someone; can be synonymous with Spoon’s latest album, Hot Thoughts. Maybe it’s the fact that I was such a big fan of Spoon’s older music, or that the album, wh...

Over the Garden Wall invokes youthful fear, adventure

Nick Moran, co-editor-in-chief

November 4, 2016

When you’re a teenager, you look back toward a childhood of awe and bliss, hoping to relive an era of imagination and firsts. Growing up, for some of us, we shift into a world of worries and personal insecurities, a stark diffe...

Third party voting expands diversity

Nick Moran, co-editor-in-chief

November 4, 2016

During a class discussion, a former teacher made the point that if there was a candidate that you entirely agreed with, you would be running yourself. The way to support a candidate is choosing your values, ranking them and s...

Star Wars films inspire many, unite generations

Lauren Frias and Nick Moran

February 8, 2016

The room is dimly lit, and silence falls upon the audience in the theater. The quiet ambiance is quickly disrupted by a blaring trumpet fanfare, and an all too familiar yellow font fills the blank theater screen reading: “Star Wars...

Belmont expands fan base with Midwest Tour

Nick Moran, asst. a&e editor

October 2, 2015

Seven guys, one minivan and plenty of shows to rock the Midwest with their sound. Belmont, a band featuring South seniors Joey Legittino and Brian Lada, spent part of their summer touring states such as Iowa, Tennessee and Wisconsin...

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