The Oracle

When streaks and red hearts take over: a Snapchat reflection

Gabby Zabat, Columnist

June 13, 2017

“Don’t forget class, your homework is to….” By this point my entire class has checked out, quickly zipping up their backpacks and obnoxiously checking the hundreds of notifications they received in the last 90 minutes. ...

Pointlessness of life harbors self betterment

Erica Gelman, columnist

June 21, 2016

So, it sometimes seems like I spend the majority of my life as if I’m stuck in one of those cartoons where the characters wake up and although something different happens each day, they still all wear the same clothes and make the...

Purpose of art rests in power to disturb

Erica Gelman, columnist

April 22, 2016

Art. A rather obtuse word that describes some sort of property that we have somehow grabbed onto, despite the fact that there is nothing about aesthetics that would help us survive as a species. Yet here we are. When one first think...

Commitment to religion not negated by irregular participation at services

Charlie You, columnist

December 18, 2015

Psychologists originally believed that attachment-—a strong emotional connection between two individuals—derived from paternal nourishment. After sufficient contradictory evidence, psychologists from the University of Wisconsin ...

Fluid self-identity not limited to adolescence

Erica Gelman, columnist

December 18, 2015

The thing about adolescence, according to Erik Erikson, is that everyone struggles to find their identity among all of the roles around them. The thing about Erik Erikson is that he, like many other psychologists, based his ...

Homecoming elicits good memories

Erica Gelman, columnist

November 16, 2015

I remember my first homecoming. I was not yet disillusioned by the tremors of life, wore a black dress and spent three hours in the bathroom with my mom to style my hair. There was a rumor that someone had spiked the punch an...

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