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The news site of Glenbrook South High School.

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The news site of Glenbrook South High School.

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Illustration by Margo Kazak

Toxic friendships prove two fold: harmful, valuable

Lizzie Garvey, senior editor
May 24, 2019

Usually, when people ask if I could go back and change anything about high school, I find myself running through every single option—clubs I could have joined, classes I could have taken, habits I could...

Illustration by Erin Zhou

Desire to remain likeable suffocates opinions, hinders progress

Lizzie Garvey, co-opinions editor
March 15, 2019

Last year, in the wake of the Sutherland Springs, Texas and Las Vegas shootings, I decided I wanted to write a column about gun control. I was new to the opinions section and column writing, and I had...

illustration by Chaeyeon Park

Personal identity proves not black and white

Lizzie Garvey, co-opinions editor
December 14, 2018

As I drove down Forest Way late one weeknight, I put every Rainbow Kitten Surprise song on shuffle to fit the mood. “Devil Like Me”, a song I’d never heard before, soon came on.  It sounded like...

illustration by Patsy Carolan

Anonymous Op-Ed calls attention to political polarization

Lizzie Garvey, co-opinions editor
September 28, 2018

On Sept. 5, 2018, The New York Times published an anonymous Op-Ed penned by a senior official of the Trump administration and, consequently, started a national uproar spanning from the White House and...

Week without mirror promotes self-empowerment

Week without mirror promotes self-empowerment

Lizzie Garvey, asst. opinions editor
April 20, 2018

Summer camp — a time where you can meet new friends, bond with old ones, and not care less about what you look like. After spending two weeks in Wisconsin with some of my closest friends over the summer,...

graphic by Rachel Nwia

The Disaster Artist inspires, tells story of The Room’s success

Lizzie Garvey, asst. opinions editor
December 22, 2017

“I did not hit her. It’s not true. It’s bullsh*t. I did not hit her. I did not. Oh, hi Mark.” An iconic, extremely underappreciated line in film history (ironically, of course). Or so I thought,...

REMEMBERING THE VICTIMS: A playground built for 6-year-old Jessica Rekos, Sandy Hook victim, stands in Farifield, CT. There are 26 playgrounds built in honor of those who died in the Sandy Hook mass shooting.

Stricter gun regulation imperative for preventing tragedy

Lizzie Garvey, asst. opinions editor
November 10, 2017

Gun control: one of the most prominent political issues facing America today and nothing to be taken lightly. After mass shootings in Sandy Hook Elementary School, the Las Vegas Strip and most recently...

illustration by Sophia Lau

Independence crucial for students

Lizzie Garvey, asst. opinions editor
October 6, 2017

During freshman year, I had no motivation to do anything myself. This included picking which classes I took, making my own money, and even little things like calling the doctor. I was forced to do it anyway,...

Leaving their mark: South teachers reflect on careers before retirement

Leaving their mark: South teachers reflect on careers before retirement

Table of Contents: Kathy Hargesheimer Paul Zwiercan Chris Valles Carol Buresh Bernice Kirchler Anne White Suzanne Shore Gregory Johnson   Kathy Hargesheimer by...

Child Development students share smiles with ‘Titan Tots’ toddlers

Lizzie Garvey, staff reporter
March 21, 2017

No two classes are the same in the Child Development curriculum. Unlike some classes of sitting still and note-taking, South students in these classes become the teachers as they work with children of...

Onward House members educate kids, develop relationships

Lizzie Garvey, staff reporter
February 10, 2017

At the sound of the bell ringing at 3:15 every Tuesday, a number of students leave South and board a bus that doesn’t take them home, but rather brings them right to another school. These students travel...

South’s AP Psychology Club encourages student involvement

Augie Mikell and Lizzie Garvey
February 3, 2017

The mind of a human is complex and can function in many ways. This idea, known as psychology, can be found in discussion by South students every Thursday afternoon during Psychology Club.      According...

SISTER SUPPORT: Preparing for a game, the womens field hockey team draws on each other for support. Womens field hockey is just one sport that utilizes the big and little sister program at South.

Women’s sports teams develop support system with big and little sister programs

Lizzie Garvey and Taylor Everson
November 19, 2016

As freshmen, some South students think it can be intimidating to come into a new school and begin playing on a sports team. To help integrate new Titans into GBS sports and give players an all-season support...

Summer homework elicits wide range of opinions on its value

Lizzie Garvey, staff reporter
November 1, 2016

It’s the Sunday before the first day of school, and students are furiously writing, reading and typing in an effort to try and get the homework done that they were assigned before their summer break...

BRIDGEBUILDER BRIANA: Posing with a friend, Briana Flores (left), Glenbrook Evening class of January 2016, was one of 12 Chicago-area students honored on April 9 as a 2016 Techny BridgeBuilder.

Alumna earns BridgeBuilder award

Lizzie Garvey, staff reporter
May 27, 2016

Briana Flores, graduate of Glenbrook Evening class of January 2016, earned a Techny BridgeBuilder award on April 9. The BridgeBuilder award was created in 2007 to recognize students making a difference...

South French students participate in cultural exchange

Lizzie Garvey, staff reporter
May 13, 2016

Over spring break, 10 sophomores and juniors from South traveled to France for 10 days for the French exchange program. South students came back with participating French students, who stayed in Glenview...

Friedland pursues musical passion through bass, teaching

On Sundays, there is rehearsal for the Chicago Youth Symphony Orchestra (CYSO) , then a rush to another rehearsal for a different orchestra, then the next morning there’s GBS Jazz Ensemble rehearsal,...

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