South siblings enhance team dynamic


Photo courtesy of Nathan Shapiro

Sibling Solidity: Working together and occasionally competing head to head, South siblings Noah and Nathan Shapiro exemplify how working together can lead to great achievements on and off the field.

Charlie Mihelic , staff writer

When they aren’t feuding over who ate what from the pantry, the Shapiro twins are crushing track records and dunking in lay-up lines, according to senior Joe Shapiro, their older brother. Sophomore twins Noah and Nathan Shapiro play basketball and run track at South. They claim that the motivation they get from each other has led to their success in sports, such as their breaking 11 freshman track records in the 2019 season.

Noah and Nathan feel that having a twin as a teammate carries some misconceptions. Many people assume that they are always competing against one another, but this is not true, according to the twins.

“We’re not trying to constantly one-up each other,” Nathan said. “It’s more [that] you always have someone to motivate you and be your training partner.”

This attitude is just a part of the competitive edge and the hard-working attitude that everyone around them recognizes and respects, according to Phil Ralston, varsity basketball head coach.

“Their work ethic is second to none,” Ralston said. “You can tell that Noah and Nathan are a notch ahead as competitors. They are simply “Yes Coach” or “No Coach” types of players, which is something that is very nice to have around.”

Noah and Nathan have already made their mark at South and despite losing their sophomore season due to coronavirus, the two believe they still have a lot of opportunities to break records in the seasons to come. In the end, they hope to follow in the footsteps of their older brother Joe who has worked hard to become an influence on them and their careers.

“I like to think I have given them a good role model,” Joe said. “Someone who has been through high school and showed them how the recruiting process works if that is something they become interested in.”