Badminton starts season on hot streak

Sydney Scott, staff reporter

Three meets and three wins. The badminton team is on a winning streak after winning against Buffalo Grove, Prospect and Hersey.

Badminton is in full swing this season, undefeated, according to Head Coach Terry Kimura. With a win against New Trier, the first time in 14 years, the team is looking good according to Kimura.

The team has more strength on all levels this year, according to Kimura.

“This year we have more depth, we are good all the way through which helps to beat New Trier and other teams,” Kimura said.

Kimura believes the team is on the road to success at conference as well.

“I think we’ll make a good showing at conference,” Kimura said.

Senior Varsity Captain Annie Lim also has high hopes for the team.

“We might be able to get first in conference,” Lim said.

The ultimate team goal this season is to make it to state, which they have never done, accordingto Lim.

Some key players, according to Lim, include Evelyn Krasnik, Nina Tojo and Christina Moy. Erin Jang is another key player and the number one singles player on the team, according to Kimura.

The team is doing great this year according to Lim, but she says badminton is sometimes underrated as a team.

“A lot of people think that badminton is one of the easiest sports, but I don’t think so. It takes a lot of perseverance,” Lim said.

The support on the team is one of the reasons Senior Varsity Captain Madeleine Lee feels this team is unlike any other team at South.

“The large sense of community and sportsmanship and support from playing with a close friend on a doubles team or having your friends cheer you on on the sidelines when it’s one on one in a single game is just really refreshing,” Lee said. “You just can’t imagine the amount of support you feel.”

The team community extends farther than grade levels as they have a big sister – little sister program set up within the teams, according to Lim and Junior Christina Moy.

“It makes it easier to get to know people on other teams,” Moy said.

In a sport played as an individual or in partners, Kimura believes it is important to build teamwork and support.

“I think they know we are doing well, and I purposely try to not make it cutthroat,” Kimura said. “It’s more important that they get along and support each other.”

With a strong outlook on the rest of the season, Lim believes team spirit will be the key to success.

“It’s a team game, but it’s also an individual game as well […],” Lim said. “We’re individual but were also bonded.”